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What Can You Do at Each Bayonetta Origins Sanctuary?

What Can You Do at Each Bayonetta Origins Sanctuary

In Bayonetta Origins, each Sanctuary is a safe space for Cereza and Cheshire. It’s a place where you won’t have to worry about any enemies happening upon them. It’s also a spot to save and regroup. But what can you do at each one during the main storyline? Let’s go over the options that gradually open up.

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The important thing you can do at a Bayonetta Origins Sanctuary is save. The lantern at each one acts as the save point. Make sure you check in there while you’re at one of these hubs.

What Can You Do at Each Bayonetta Origins Sanctuary
You can also Concoct at these save spots. In the same menu that lets you save, you can choose to craft. This lets you make four potions if you collected enough Baked Geckos, Mandragora Roots, and Unicorn Horns while disrupting bushes and exploring Avalon Forest. Healing Tonic restores Cereza’s health. An Umbran Syrup can temporarily make her invincible and let her recast Umbran Arts more quickly. Demonic Mist gives Cheshire unlimited magic for his skills. Blast Cocktail lets you temporarily stun nearby enemies. Initially, however, only a Healing Tonic will be available.

That same lantern menu also lets you go back to Tir na Nog dungeons you already completed. This involves the “time trial” versions of them for rewards, as well as an option to just retry past ones. Said rewards include Avalon Drops for Cheshire’s skills or Onyx Roses for Cereza’s. As you may expect, you can only retry and challenge Tir na Nog spaces you’ve already unlocked.

The lantern is also where you will check in to change characters’ costumes after beating the game once.

What Can You Do at Each Bayonetta Origins Sanctuary
Speaking of skills, you can go through Cereza and Cheshire’s skill trees at the every Bayonetta Origin Sanctuary. This lets you spend the aforementioned Avalon Drops and Onyx Roses on new abilities for each character. If you haven’t added to their movesets in a while and are getting near a boss fight, it might be wise to backtrack a bit to build them up. You won’t get access to this until wade into the story a bit and run into Morgana again after the first few chapters.

Once you get past the circus in chapter five, you’ll also unlock a fast travel system at each Sanctuary in Bayonetta Origins. Ignis’ Pathways will open up as an option. Talking to the Wisp lets you return to any one of these safe spaces you’ve already unlocked.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is available for the Nintendo Switch. A demo is available.

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