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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 Release Date Revealed, New Trailer Drops

XIV 6.4 date

The release date for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 has been revealed as May 23rd in the 77th Live Letter from the Producer stream. During the stream, Producer Naoki ‘Yoshi P’ Yoshida and Toshio ‘Foxclon’ Murouchi also presented a new trailer. Patch 6.4 promises new main scenario quests, the continuation of Tataru’s Grand Endeavour, and more of the Hildebrand Adventures quests The previous major update, Patch 6.3, went live on January 10, 2023.

Here’s the full trailer for the new patch. As you can see, Golbez features prominently during parts of it.

As usual, this means new Main Scenario Quests. There will also be a continuation of Tataru’s Grand Endeavor, though you need to have finished “Small Business, Big Dreams” and other related quests first. The Aetherfront Dungeon will appear, and there will be The Voidcast Dais and its Extreme Trial. Containment Ray Z1T9 (Unreal) will appear as the new Unreal Trial as well. When it drops, people will also be able to go through Pandaemonium: Anabaseios and Pandaemonium: Anabaseios (Savage) too.

People can also expect Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures, Further Manderville Weapons, and Splendorous Tools in 6.45.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available on PC, PS4, and PS5, and the release date for patch 6.4 is May 23, 2023.

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