What Returning Players Get For Free In MultiVersus (Open Beta Rewards Explained)
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What Returning Players Get For Free In MultiVersus (Open Beta Rewards Explained)

MultiVersus returned with its launch on May 28, 2024, after its open beta concluded last year. Now that MultiVersus has officially released, players who participated in the open beta get some perks compared to those who just joined. What do returning players get for their 11-month wait?

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MultiVersus Battle Pass
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MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass

MultiVersus has a free and premium Battle Pass Track that goes up to tier 70. Open Beta participants who log in before June 11 get access to the Season 1 premium Battle Pass for free.  Included in the Battle Pass are the MultiVersus’s in-game currencies called Gleamium, Perk, and Fighter Currency.

Premium Battle Pass owners can claim up to 1000 Gleamium for completing the pass. In comparison, the Free Battle Track only grants players 300 Gleamium. Players who are now jumping into MultiVersus for the first time will have to spend 950 Gleamium or a battle pass token (which is discontinued for new players) to follow the premium track.

In addition to currency, premium Season 1 Battle Pass holders get access to Jason Voorhees as their first reward. Announced as a launch character for MultiVersus, the bulky fighter adds an incentive for people to return. Other perks, besides Jason Voorhees and in-game currency, consist of variants, emotes, profile icons, ringout animations, badges, and taunts. According to the MultiVersus FAQ page, players should eventually be able to obtain items just by playing the game if they don’t have the premium Battle Pass.

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Daily Login Bonuses

Between May 27 and June 8, Open Beta players will receive 11 awards for logging in on 11 separate days. This Welcome Back Daily Login bonus includes a Clown Squad Velma variant and a Summer Break Superman Variant. 100 Gleamium, Fighter Currency, and Battlepass Xp can be acquired during this period as well.

If you can’t log in to MultiVersus before June 8 or June 11, there are some rewards that can still be claimed. Open Beta returnees will gain access to a Banana Guard announcer, a Snow Suit Finn variant, and a ringout called Rising Stars.

MultiVersus throws itself into the platform fighter ring with the likes of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, Brawlhalla, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With titles like that crowding this sub-genre of fighting games, the free-to-play fighter has a tough road.

MultiVersus is now available for PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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