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What We Need From a Nintendo Switch Pro

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Rumors have been long circulating about an upgraded Nintendo Switch model. While there haven’t been official confirmations, it’s got us thinking: what do we most want to see in a Nintendo Switch Pro?

I once wrote that the main thing I want from a new Switch is for them to keep (or improve) docked mode, and for the games that currently run slowly or make the console very hot to the touch to run faster or cooler. The Switch is rapidly becoming the indie haven console that the Vita and PSP were in their primes, but the wave of recent ports of PC and even some console releases shows that the hardware isn’t quite up to the task of representing that stuff in the best way. An improvement in performance could really close that gap.

Beyond that, I would also like a Nintendo Switch Pro to feel a bit less fragile in handheld mode. The system’s size already makes its portability questionable, so I would very much appreciate being able to throw it into a bag or a big pocket without being struck by mortal fear. I’m not sure what that might require though. Maybe a Switch Lite-style revision that keeps the Joy-Cons attached and trusts players to have a backup controller or Joy-Cons for docked mode? — Josh

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I think I would appreciate improved battery life most of all. In general, I’m really happy with my Switch! It is both comfortable and easy to use. I don’t have a problem with the current screen. It just seems like I have to constantly have a power cord on hand. There’s nothing more frustrating than relaxing to play all cozy in bed, then realize it is at 15% and the power cord is in the living room. — Jenni

I’m not huge into pushing tech specs, so for me, what can a Switch Pro offer? Backward compatibility is unlikely, as much as I’d want it. New features would split the player base. So really, what I’d hope and expect to see is the horsepower to deliver more consistent performance in games. The original Switch was already taxed by Breath of the Wild at launch, and subsequent multiplatform ports have been a bit shaky at times. It’s not exciting, but it’d help. — Graham

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There are two schools of thought when brainstorming this topic: idealistic and realistic. Overall, I want a boost to the processing power. I’m not someone who thinks a 4K, 120 FPS handheld for just $400 makes any sort of business sense. I am fine with 720p handheld. I am fine with 1080p on TV for this Nintendo generation. Mostly, I just want my games to run better and look a little better. I desperately need Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity to run at a solid frame rate.

Most importantly, as someone who has sent his Joy-Con in for service twice in four years, I want the “drift” design flaw fixed. And while we’re at it, change that D-pad and make it as good as the Wii U Pro Controller’s D-pad. I’ll bet you didn’t expect to hear that one, did you? — Oni

What Nintendo Switch Pro features do you want to see? Let us know in the comments! And read our other handy roundtables for more thoughts from the Siliconera team.

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