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What Weapon Should Yaoyao Use in Genshin Impact?

Like with a good majority of support characters in Genshin Impact, you really only need to prioritize a few certain factors when choosing a weapon for Yaoyao. You can either choose to focus on how often she can use her Burst or how efficient her Burst is per use. This guide will give you a few options on what spears would work best for Yaoyao as a support.

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Before we begin, let’s quickly go over how Yaoyao works. Both her Skill and her Burst deal Dendro DMG while simultaneously healing her allies. This makes her a wonderful support for the large majority of DPS characters due to Dendro’s powerful Elemental Reactions. Since her Elemental Bust is fairly expensive for a support character, Yaoyao needs weapons that can help her with her Energy Recharge. Some Polearms you can consider are:

Staff of Homa

This is kind of ridiculous because Staff of Homa is a great spear for your DPS but hear me out. Yaoyao’s healing scales off of her Max HP, and Staff of Homa boosts that by 20%. To make the most of her Elemental Burst, Yaoyao also needs to remain on the field. This is because swapping her off will remove the Yueguis that she summons. Staff of Homa makes Yaoyao far more versatile. You can either keep her on the field during her Burst as the main DPS or you can just enjoy the 20% HP boost and keep her in a healer role.

Staff of the Scarlet Sands

Staff of the Scarlet Sands is for a Yaoyao with a more offensive play style. It grants bonus ATK based on 52% of her Elemental Mastery, and this bonus increases whenever you hit an opponent with your Elemental Skill. Yaoyao is a Dendro character and Dendro characters all generally need fairly high EM. This Polearm is really more for if you want your Yaoyao to have more on-screen presence to take advantage of her Burst.

Favonius Lance

If you don’t have anyone else who needs Favonius Lance, this can be a fairly good weapon for Yaoyao. As mentioned earlier, her Burst is expensive and her natural ER is not fantastic. So anything that will allow her to spam it more is good. This is if you want the Burst either to heal your whole party or if you want to actually use Yaoyao as an on-field attacker.


Moonpiercer is essentially a free weapon that you can get once you finish all of the Aranara quests. So it’s a fairly good choice for F2P players. This is good for support Yaoyao. Not only is the sub stat for this Polearm EM (which is always fantastic for Dendro), its effect also focuses on Dendro Elemental Reactions. Every time you trigger one, you get a Leaf of Revival. This will grant an ATK boost to the character who picks it up. You will likely have to play Yaoyao as an off-field Skill support to make the most of Moonpiercer.

Kitain Cross Spear/Dragon’s Bane

Like the above Moonpiercer, the Kitain Cross Spear and Dragon’s Bane are Elemental Mastery stat sticks. Which one you want to use depends on how your Yaoyao will operate, as well as her team comp. The Kitain Cross Spear increases her Elemental Skill DMG by 6%. Every time she hits someone with her Skill, she loses 3 Energy but regenerates 3 Energy every 2 seconds for the next 6 seconds. Dragon’s Bane’s effect mostly comes into play if you run her in a Bloom or Burning team since it increases damage against enemies affected by Hydro or Pyro by 20%.

As for which one you should use, the Kitain Cross Spear is better if you plan on actually using Yaoyao. For example, you want her to remain on the field to make the most of her Burst or as an actual sub DPS. The Dragon’s Bane is more if you want to use her as a Dendro enabler and applier.

Black Tassel

Finally, the Black Tassel is for people who don’t really have better options and just want her for her healing. Its passive ability is kind of useless because it only affects Slimes. But its main sub stat boosts her HP. It naturally has a low ATK because it’s a 3-star weapon but for healer Yaoyao, that’s just enough.

Genshin Impact is readily available on the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. As a 4-star character, Yaoyao is always in the gacha pool.

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