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What’s Our Favorite Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon?

What's Our Favorite Best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon

2023 is going to be a good time for Monster Hunter fans. That’s because Monster Hunter Rise will head to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. It’s an adventure that Switch and PC owners both started some time ago. To help people about to join the fray, we decided to go over our thoughts on the series. This time, Siliconera Speaks Up is going over all of the Monster Hunter Rise weapons we feel are our favorites and best suited to our needs.

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For me it’s a tie between the Dual Blades and the Hunting Horn. During my review period, the Dual Blades carried me through so many Magnamalo fights without fainting while I was wearing some of the worst armor possible cemented just how great these weapons could be. (Not that I wasn’t already using them in Monster Hunter: World and Iceborne) But when I finally had the chance to play with friends, the Hunting Horn became my weapon of choice. Monster Hunter: Rise has a pretty decent variety of Hunting Horns, and I always felt like I was actually providing valuable support by regening my teammate’s health or buffing their attack and defense. My impatience and need for efficiency has me leaning towards the Dual Blades, but the part of me that loves contributing to parties holds the Hunting Horn in extremely high regard. — Kazuma

I always used to love weapons like the Dual Blades and Gunlance in Monster Hunter titles, but I think my best weapon in Rise Sunbreak is the Long Sword. I just love the Spirit Blade attacks. The Spirit Roundslash is just amazing. I love getting that extra attack buff, because normally I worry that I’m not packing enough of a punch when I play. Plus, it really fit the aesthetic of the original Rise, as it was like I was a katana-carrying samurai heading into battle. — Jenni

Monster Hunter Rise gave us the best iteration of the light bowgun, heightening its mobility, hitting power, and flexibility. Rapid fire Pierce 2 build? Classic. Sticky spam? Why bother letting the monsters get up? Want ammo type flexibility? Annie, get your Magnamalo LBG. Farming Narwa? You stand there with your charge blade, us gunners got this.

Of course Sunbreak would have to level the playing field. Sticky ammo efficacy plummeted, Pierce struggles with the finicky orientation of monster weak spots, Spread DPS can no longer match the explosive power of the long and great sword, and while the LBG got a counter, it is so hard giving up fanning maneuver.

But when I made the move from the Switch to the Steam Deck and downloaded Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, I looked myself in the mirror. I told myself, “You are going to take up the lance. You are going to stand in front of the monster and poke them with a stick. You were a lance main in World, and you will not turn your back on it now.” And then I immediately forged the Wind Thief LBG and stocked up on Pierce 1 ammo. — Khai

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