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What’s Your Best Elden Ring Build

It’s an exciting weekend! Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is live, giving us an excuse to head into the Lands Between and to the Land of Shadow. New challenges await, basically. So, as we all prepare to dive back in, let’s each share what we consider our best Elden Ring build. Maybe it can help us with different ideas or to overcome certain bosses!

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I’d been trying to move away from sword and board builds in soulslikes, but Elden Ring hit me with the double whammy of timed blocks and the gorgeous looking Sword of Night and Flame. It requires a big investment into a whole spread of stats which isn’t ideal, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay to shoot lasers AND fire waves. — Elliot

I feel like I need to preface this by apologizing before revealing that I am one of those players that dual wields the Moonveil and the Meteoric Ore Blade katanas. And when not throwing magic lasers from my sword and using gravity to destabilize enemies, I like to use a vast array of magic spells to keep enemies at bay. Or… just simply throw a laser beam for good measure. — Daniel

I am nothing if not predictable. Even in my attempts to play a Souls-esque game in a new way led me back to a Big Sword and Bigger Flips. Between the Ruin Greatsword, the classic Greatsword, the Royal Greatsword, and the Moonlight Greatsword: I found myself holding two colossal greatswords enchanted with ice as extra spice. That, combined with the intense poise damage from the jump attacks, made my journey through The Lands Between less Berserk and more Moe Szyslak. I gotta tell you, it was pretty terrific. — John

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