Where Are the Wubbaboo in Honkai- Star Rail Signs of Fragmentum II
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Where Are the Wubbaboo in Honkai: Star Rail Signs of Fragmentum II

Just like Difficulty I in Honkai: Star Rail “Signs of Fragmentum,” Difficulty II makes finding Wubbaboo a bit tricky. Part of this is because you can’t check the map. Another issue is that this time there are five hidden away, rather than just four. You also need to deal with one of the puzzles where you walk across panels once each in order to access an area where one Wubbaboo is. Not to mention the recommended level is 36. (I was at 40 and breezed through it all.)

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One of the easiest Wubbaboo to find at this difficulty level is in the “control room” area. As you’re walking toward the hallway, you’ll see it between some plants and a sign.

Before that, though, you might see the Honkai: Star Rail “Signs of Fragmentum,” Difficulty II Wubbaboo floating in the area between the two platforms leading to that control room.

One that’s relatively easy to find is a Wubbaboo behind one of the light panel puzzles. The best way I can describe solving it is as though you are writing the letter “Z,” but you’re starting at the bottom and going up instead of starting from the top and going down.

And here’s where the Wubbaboo is at the end of that “test.”

The last two Wubbaboo are at the end of dead ends stemming from a single room in Honkai: Star Rail “Signs of Fragmentum” Difficulty II. If you go the one direction that involves a hallway that cuts up, walk to the very edge of it. A Wubbaboo will be floating there.

So, if you head back to the southern room after being in basically the room with two possible dead ends, turn around. Once again, Honkai: Star Rail “Signs of Fragmentum,” Difficulty II features a Wubbaboo hiding above a doorway. Scan it with the camera and you’re good. This was the last one I found, and I kind of hate myself for it since I already knew from the first difficulty level that they can hide up there.

As a reward for meeting all objectives, you can get a three-star Guard’s Uniform of Old Relic, 3 Adventure Logs, 3 Condensed Aethers, 60 Stellar Jades, and 8,000 Credits.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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