Where is the Grimalkin Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy XVI?
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Where is the Grimalkin Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy XVI?

The Grimalkin is one of those off-the-beaten-path Notorious Mark monsters in Final Fantasy XVI. So much so that you can’t stumble upon it while on the way to a mainline mission or sidequest. There is an important reason to seek it out, however, and it’s the one that made me go after it. You need a Grimalkin Hide to forge Excalibur for Clive in Final Fantasy XVI.

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Where is the Grimalkin Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy XVI?

Fortunately for people who want that shiny sword, Grimalkin is very easy to find and surprisingly easy to fight. The toughest part of the C-rank fight is facing waves of level 28 Wild Nakks. You need to defeat the monster’s pack before it will face you. It takes a bit, but those monsters are more of an annoyance than everything. Also, the Grimalkin itself isn’t too troublesome and only is at level 32 when it appears.

Really, the only troublesome part of this Notorious Mark is getting there. You’ll find the Grimalkin and its pack on on the Dhalmekian Republic map. I’d say warp to The Jaw Obelisk. Turn right at the fork. Then, when you’re walking through The Sickle area, take the southern path. That will lead you directly to the Cattery. A scene will automatically play when you reach it.

Here’s a screenshot I took showing its location.

Where is the Grimalkin Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy XVI

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Once the fight is done, you get 500 EXP, 45 AP, 6,100 gil, 10 renown, and the Grimalkin Hide.

Final Fantasy XVI is available for the PlayStation 5. There is a six-month exclusivity period.

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