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Where Should I Play Stardew Valley?

Where Should I Play Stardew Valley switch pc vita

Hi, my name is Jenni. I have a Stardew Valley problem. That is, I own five different versions of it. I can go over to my Switch, Xbox One, PC, Vita, or iPad and enjoy a life in one of at least seven Stardew Valley farms. It’s great! It also means I’m pretty well equipped to answer the question, “Where should you play Stardew Valley?” So, here we are and here I am to offer some well-intentioned suggestions!

Where Should I Play Stardew Valley switch pc vita

Where should you play Stardew Valley if you want the full experience?

The PC version will always be the optimal place to start a new life on a farm. For starters, this will always be the most up-to-date version of the game. Concerned Ape’s updates always show up here first. In the past, it even happened years before. So if any more patches do appear and you want that extra content ASAP, this should be your primary homestead.

It’s also the best way to play the game because of the mods. There is a robust community of people making all sorts of additions. Some add extra content. Others change the way things look. You can even enjoy unofficial “crossovers” that bring in things like Pokemon. I’m fully convinced that with the efforts fans take, someone could spend the rest of their lives with only Stardew Valley and remain satisfied.

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Where should you play Stardew Valley if you want to use a console?

The Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One versions of Stardew Valley are all great. One isn’t superior to the other, honestly. (I say this as someone who owns two out of three and played on all three of them.) Pick the console you like best and use the most, and get it there.

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Where should you play Stardew Valley if you want to do so on the go?

For a portable farming experience, you need to go with the Switch or PC version of Stardew Valley. Which one you pick depends on a few things. The mobile ports aren’t bad, but you won’t get 1.5 on Android or always possess easy access to those coveted buttons on a phone or tablet.

If you don’t own a Steam Deck, then go with the Switch version of the game. It’s great! I spend most of my time playing it there. You get the ease of playing it everywhere. Plus, there’s the option of going docked to see your farm on a larger screen. (That’s handy for multiplayer!)

If you do own a Steam Deck, then absolutely go with the PC port instead. This is because you can take advantage of mods still! You’ll need to get the SMAPI mod loader for the game, install it in Konsole, then get your mods and put it in your Stardew Valley mods folder. People updated the official wiki for the game with a great walkthrough that will help you through it.

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Where should you play Stardew Valley if you are a true connoisseur of fine handheld consoles?

The Vita version of Stardew Valley would be a good pick, because Vita means “life.”

More seriously, it is genuinely great on Sony’s handheld! Yes, you are limited to editions up to 1.2. But you can still get the additional farm updates, find spots to dig up on your farm, enjoy more conversations with your spouse, and have more options when placing buildings on your farm.

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