Which Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games Do You Like Best
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Which Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games Do You Like Best?

There are so many Switch multiplayer games, with different types of experiences ready for people of all levels. The library is huge, both when it comes to first-party and third-party titles. To help make it easier to pick up new ones, we decided to share some of the Nintendo Switch multiplayer games we liked best and hear which ones you recommend too. 

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I have put an unbelievable amount of hours into Dragon Ball: The Breakers. I have played essentially every Dead by Daylight clone out there and this is the one I keep coming back to. There is something about the mix of stress with Xenoverse-style action that I can’t get enough of. Even on my busy weeks, I play three or so matches to relax and unwind. — Cody

A quick glance at my Switch library tells me I have 235 hours in Splatoon 3, so I’m clearly embedded in the world of the squid kids. It’s the only multiplayer shooter I’ve spent any significant amount of time in. I love the setting, the emphasis on territory over k/d ratios and the fact I can wear the most terrible mismatched outfits and still look fresh. Plus Splatfests are a fun time, even if I’ve managed to consistently fail to be on a winning team since the game released. — Leigh

Out of all the Switch multiplayer games I’ve played, I think I like Let’s Play! Oink Games the best. It features these wonderful adaptations of various Oink Games board games, with the developer directly releasing versions of them for everyone to play. There’s cross-play with versions on other platforms. DLC keeps coming out to increase the library, and it’s affordable. Plus, only one of the players in the session needs to own the DLC for everyone to play it. It is worth it for Start Ups alone. — Jenni

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