Which Vtuber Graduation Hurt You the Most?
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Which Vtuber Graduation Hurt You the Most?

The dangers of parasocial relationships aside, having a particular Vtuber or streamer you enjoy can be great! It means you can be introduced to new games, have something fun to watch for a few hours, and perhaps even become part of a hopefully positive community. However, it’s difficult work. Sometimes things happen, business arrangements go badly, people need to focus on their own lives, or an employee gets stuck in a toxic situation. When that happens, we can end up seeing a Vtuber graduation (or termination). So which one are you still feeling sad about?

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I would have to say it was probably the double-graduation of Magni Dezmond and Vesper Noir for Cover’s Holostars branch. I didn’t watch either of them frequently, but covering Vtuber news meant I’d tune in sometimes. Both seemed like they were very talented and great people, and if a news story I was writing up involved also needing to watch a bit of one of their streams, it’d be a good time. I think what really hit here is that we didn’t get proper final streams or goodbyes for them, which is unusual for Cover. — Jenni

I still think about Tsukumo Sana sometimes. Something about her energy and chemistry with her collab partners was so fresh and interesting. I didn’t really get around to watch a lot of her streams before she left, so enjoying them afterwards had a very bittersweet feeling. That said, unlike some recent terminations, she got to graduate on her own terms, and her original song “Astrogirl” is a jam. –Elliot

While this is very recent, I don’t know if I’ve seen a graduation quite as messy as what’s going on right now with Selen. Calling it a “graduation” doesn’t even feel right. It hurts to see the way that she was thrown under the bus like this and to see the way her name is being dragged through the mud. It hurts to see how a witch hunt has started up among the fanbase and how they’re harassing other livers who are probably still reeling from what happened to their friend. It’s a total mess all around. — Stephanie

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