Who is the Nijisanji Vtuber Zaion LanZa?

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Anycolor’s Nijisanji English branch dealt with quite a bit with Vtuber Zaion LanZa in 2023. Things began in February 2023 with a suspension due to the performer’s behavior. In March 2023, she was terminated. However, people may wonder who she is and what’s going on?

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Who is Nijisanji’s Zaion LanZa?

Zaion LanZa is a Nijisanji Vtuber who debuted in December 2022 as part of the seventh generation known as XSOLEIL. Companies often launch new waves of performers as “groups,” often with matching themes or lore, and to offer opportunities for collaborative streams. The gimmick is that all members of the group are part of the “student council” at XSOLIEL Institute. Her role was to be a person who came back through time from a dismal future to prevent terrible things from happening. While she typically streamed games, including ones with her gen mates, she also performed songs like “Hold It Down” with XSOLIEL and covers like “Identity” with Maria Marionette.

Why isn’t she performing anymore?

Nijisanji initially suspended Zaion LanZa for “insensitive jokes,” “false statements during streams,” “discrepencies between information,” and “showing no intention to improve.” Essentially, she engaged in inappropriate behaviors of multiple kinds and, when confronted about it by her employer, refused to stop doing so. It also noted she went through training and meetings while suspended. When Anycolor officially terminated her, they offered a list of 12 transgressions that resulted in the performer being fired. Among them included spreading false information, “leaking internal information,” and using copyrighted materials.

So what happens next?

Both the official social media account and YouTube channel for Zaion LanZa are gone. They exist, but you can’t see the performer’s tweets or videos anymore. Likewise, Nijisanji will no longer sell merchandise featuring the character.

As for the performer behind Zaion, that remains to be seen. Sometimes, after a personality graduates, they might move on to a new character at another agency or start anew independently.

With regards to XSOLIEL, Doppio Dropscythe, Hex Haywire, Kotoka Torahime, Meloco Kyoran, and Ver Vermillion remain active Nijisanji Vtubers.

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