Who’s The Best Danganronpa Character?

best danganronpa character oma

This week’s Danganronpa Decadence bundles a lot of the history of the franchise and brings it to Nintendo Switch. Recently, a Japanese poll showed some of fans’ franchise favorites. But who do you think is the best Danganronpa character? The Siliconera staff weighed in below. You can too in the comments!

Oma was one of the top three of the Dengeki poll and for good reason. I loved his design, as well as his voice (Oma was practically created with Hiro Shimono in mind). He was much more enjoyable than the chaotic Komaeda, as his actions can all be interpreted as something he’s doing for the good of the group! Even if they don’t tend to think of it in that way.

Maybe I’m just an apologist because of what happened in his last case, but I’m immensely forgiving of even his more terrible actions or words. Also, his free-time events with Saihara were so stupid cute. Spike Chunsoft, I’m still waiting for an Oma spin-off. — Stephanie

best danganronpa character chiaki

I think Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair’s Chiaki Nanami is a great character. The cast of that game is… made up of people with their flaws and quirks! And while she does have some of that, what with her constant drowsiness, she’s one of the genuinely nicest members of the crew. She goes out of her way to help Hajime. It’s because of her that he often succeeds sometimes.

She’s such a positive influence, and I love that. (She also has an adorable design!) — Jenni

toko and mioda

Despite how central Danganronpa‘s characters are to the appeal of the game, I can’t bring myself to talk about them in detail! It’s one of the few series I absolutely don’t want to spoil for anyone. Talking about my actual fave would constitute a huge spoiler, so I’ll talk about my two second-placers: Toko Fukawa and Mioda Ibuki.

Toko’s case in the original game was a bit of a brain-bender for me, but her shifting personality really helped her come into her own when she co-starred in Ultra Despair Girls, where she grew out of her fixation with Byakuya. As for Ibuki, she’s like the One That Got Away. She has a rad character design and a fun attitude! And she lit up my time with her in Goodbye Despair. — Josh

Who do you think is the best Danganronpa character? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! And read our other handy roundtables for more thoughts from the Siliconera team.

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