We’re already familiar with the executive staff of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Tetsuya Nomura is directing the game with Yoko Shimomura on composition duty. Meanwhile, Shinji Hashimoto and Yoshinori Kitase are co-producing the title.


But what about Final Fantasy Type-0 (formerly Agito XIII)? Who’s doing what on that? Square Enix answered the question in a recent announcement after they showed the game off yesterday at their 1st Production Department conference.


Type-0 has Hajime Tabata acting as its director. You know Tabata from his directorial work on Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and The 3rd Birthday. Meanwhile, Yusuke Naora will be art-directing. Naora has previously acted as Art Director on Final Fantasy VII, VIII and X. Tetsuya Nomura will be providing character designs at Naora’s behest.


Meanwhile, the game’s composer will be Takeharu Ishimoto, whose most recent work includes The World Ends With You and Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Finally, the game will be produced by Yoshinori Kitase.


Final Fantasy Type-0 will be released this summer for the PSP in Japan. The game will come on two UMDs, in part due to the large amount of voiced dialogue.


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