Why Are Ghosts in the Moonstone Island House?
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Why Are Ghosts in the Moonstone Island House?

Once you find a spot where you’d like to settle down in Moonstone Island, you may realize there are ghosts in your house. Why are there ghosts? Why is it haunted? What’s going on?

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What’s up with the ghosts walking around my Moonstone Island house?

In short, those little friends are there for ambiance. You didn’t do anything wrong. They would be living there, sharing your space, even if you set up shop somewhere else. They’re just around to be fun roommates and ambiance.

One of the developers actually already addressed this issue on Steam. Someone brought it up in the Discussions section back in September 2023. Nuuudelcat, one of the folks on the team, popped in with an explanation. They said, “They don’t do anything, they’re just little friendly spirits.”

So essentially, think of them as decorations. They won’t eat your food in the fridge, even if you don’t put your name on it. They won’t make any noise. They’ll just walk around. I haven’t found any way to exorcise them, but I’m pleased to see how much exercise they seem to get wandering around my living room.

Moonstone Island is now available on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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