The Wizardry series arrives on iPhone with Wizardry Schema, which comes out today in Japan. While there are dungeons in this game, Wizardry Schema isn’t exactly a dungeon crawler.


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Players set a team of six adventurers and just like other Wizardry games you can customize your party. Wizardry Schema has ten races and sixteen classes to choose from. You can change classes too and when you switch you’ll gain skills from the other job. Characters can be set in either the front row or rear row.


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After you create your party, you put Wizardry Schema down and do something else. Your party will automatically go on an adventure. You can read about how many kobolds they dispatched and the treasure they found in the game’s log. Players choose which equipment their sentient adventurers wear and which treasures to appraise.


The other difference is…



… you can unlock a Lara with a swimsuit, a level 10 gnome mage with 25 INT and 22 PI#, if you clear the prologue before October 15.


Wizardry Schema is a free to play game and it’s available now on iOS.

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