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Wizard’s Symphony Highlights Dungeon Talks, And The Main Three Types Of Quests


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Arc System Works revealed new information on Wizard’s Symphony this week, focusing on the small chat the party can make while in dungeons, as well as the three types of quests you’ll have to complete in order to progress. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Dungeon exploration & dungeon talks

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There are many ruins and dungeons that are located near the town of Kazan. While they are filled with dangerous monsters, they are also prime locations for finding Remnant artifacts, and materials needed to refine things.


While you’re dungeon exploring, your party characters may begin a conversation with each other. These dungeon talks can be about their interests, their likes, small gambles between each other, or even topics about certain characters’ secrets.


Useful features while exploring

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Using Auto-movement, you will automatically move to an area you specify that is located within the part revealed on the map, while taking the shortest route.


There are also Safe Areas on each floor of the dungeon, where you can save, move to other Safe Areas on other floors, or escape back to the town of Kazan.



Quests in Wizard’s Symphony are split into Main Quests, Sub-Quests, and Character Quests, which you can take up at the bar. By completing quests, you get money and items that can help out while exploring.


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Main Quests are automatically taken up depending on your progress through the main story. By beating every Main Quest, you beat the game. The story revolves around figuring out the mystery of the magic kingdom of Granska, which was destroyed over a thousand years ago.


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Sub-Quests have you do common tasks such as defeating certain enemies, collecting materials and items, and more. Some Sub-Quests will have you take on Elite Monsters which are stronger than the usual ones.


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In Character Quests, you can find out the stories behind the ten different companions that Alto travels with. They are fully voiced, and all Character Quests added together have more story volume than the main story itself. Character Quests for different characters can be done in parallel, and after beating the main game, Afterstories for each character that you’ve finished the Character Quests for will appear.


Growth and strengthening your party

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In Skill Custom, you can learn skills that are unique to each character. With more skills to use in battle, the number of strategies you can take will dramatically increase. By increasing the skill level of a skill, you can improve upon its effects or increase damage.


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Using the materials gathered in dungeons, you can upgrade your weapons and armor.


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By handing over the necessary materials, you can perform Remnant Refines to gain access to that Remnant. Some of them might turn out to be especially powerful!

These Remnants are ancient artifacts that can be equipped to the Remnant slots found on weapons and armor to give extra abilities. Remnants can be gained via finding them in dungeons or Remnant Refines, but they will differ in how powerful they are based on their Remnant Rank.


Wizard’s Symphony releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 28, 2019. Check out the teaser trailer in our previous report here.

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