WonHobby 34 Fate/Grand Order Nendoroids and Figures Revealed

Fate/Grand Order Figures Nendoroids

Good Smile Company has revealed a total of 13 new Fate/Grand Order figures and Nendoroids at WonHobby 34. Featured characters range from Artoria Caster in her third ascension form to Minamoto-no-Raikou in her swimsuit form, among many others in various stages of development. There is currently no confirmed release date or price for the Fate/Grand Order figures or Nendoroids.

The announced figures come from various product lines manufactured by Max Factory and Good Smile Company, such as figma, Nendoroid, and POP UP PARADE. Four 1/7 and 1/8 scale figures were also revealed, as well as concept art for a Nendoroid Doll of Arthur Pendragon in his White Rose costume.

Below is the full list of revealed figures and Nendoroids.

Fate/Grand Order Scale Figures

  • 1/7 Scale Figure Lancer/Minamoto-no-Raikou [AQ]
  • 1/7 Scale Figure Lancer/Caenis
  • 1/7 Scale Figure Caster/Artoria Caster (Third Ascension)
  • 1/8 Scale Figure Assassin/Okada Izo: Festival Portrait Ver.

Fate/Grand Order Nendoroids

  • Nendoroid Foreigner/Yang Guifei
  • Nendoroid Saber/Senji Muramasa
  • Nendoroid Doll Saber/Arthur Pendragon (Prototype): Costume Dress -White Rose- Ver.

Fate/Grand Order POP UP PARADE Figures

  • POP UP PARADE Saber/Nero Claudius
  • POP UP PARADE Lancer/Scathach
  • POP UP PARADE Rider/Astolfo
  • POP UP PARADE Saber/Mordred

Fate/Grand Order figma

  • figma Saber/Nero Claudius (Bride)
  • figma Berserker/Miyamoto Musashi

Recently, Good Smile Company announced that it would release a Saber/Artoria Pendragon figure based on her 4th Anniversary portrait. Additionally, it will also release a Nendoroid of Merlin from Fate/Grand Order Arcade.

The 13 new Fate/Grand Order figures and Nendoroids announced at WonHobby 34 are currently in development, and do not have confirmed release dates or prices. Good Smile Company and Max Factory plan to release further information and photos at a later date.

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