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Work x Work Introduces Its Battle System, And The Employees Of Hero-sama Land


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Last week’s Famitsu had a feature on FuRyu’s upcoming RPG Work x Work. The game revolves around the friendship between fallen prince who wants to regain his rightful status and a simple part-timer who works at a theme park called “Hero-sama Land”.


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The two main characters are The 18th Prince (nicknamed ‘18’), and Pochio, the slacking part-timer who’s at Hero-sama Land in order to repay a debt incurred for breaking a vase. On the Yuishoal Kingdom side, appearing characters will include King Lush, the king and living legend who defeated the Demon Lord in the past. There’s also Mel, the 16th Prince in line, who takes every opportunity to laugh at 18, who has fallen from being the next in line to succeed the throne.


Meanwhile, Hero-sama Land has an eclectic cast of employees aside from Pochio. Lua is the guiding fairy for both Pochio and the player and is a trusty companion in the journey. Ruby, the shop owner at Hero-sama Land, is a cute girl who has a stingy side, as she’s the one who forced Pochio to pay for the broken vase. Carl is the blacksmith of the Land, and he’s the one in charge of coming up with new weapons for guests to use. Irma Boss is the owner of Hero-sama Land, but despite his position, looks like a bad guy you’d see in a regular RPG. Finally, Paluo is a dinosaur-like being who’s a taxidermist and will give you useful parts from monster loot you collect.


Famitsu also went over three of the guests at Hero-sama Land. Python is the ace of the Gottani Mercenaries, who went there in search of money – or at least that’s what he says. Biscuit is the star thief of the Kouchner Thieves and went there seeking the treasure supposedly hidden underneath the land. Viscount Fortran is an investigator looking for Biscuit, as she keeps slipping out from under his fingers.


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In Work x Work, players will guide Pochio and 18 through a series of dungeons which have branching paths to take. As Pochio, players need to give advice to guests and 18, who are unused to battling. Should they use a potion at this moment, or perhaps use a skill? It’s Pochio’s job to keep the customers happy.


Work x Work all starts with choosing a tour to go on, which all have varying participants. Players are then guided through sets of battles with branching paths. Battles are mostly set on auto-battle, except for key moments where it is Pochio’s job to step in and give advice. By doing so, he can get guests fired up, which means skills activate more easily. By repeating the process through dungeon tours, Pochio can gain treasure and also (perhaps more importantly) his pay.


Here’s a look at some of the monsters you fight in the game:

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Finally, Pochio gets paid in Starfish, which acts as the currency of Hero-sama Land. He can use the cash to buy new weapons for his guests, or even buy furniture for his house in the Black Market.


Work x Work will come to the Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 27, 2018.

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