World Flipper is Cygames’ New Pixel Art Mobile Pinball RPG with a Touch of Dragalia Lost


Granblue Fantasy and Dragalia Lost developer Cygames teased a secret smartphone game last week and it’s been revealed as a pixel art pinball RPG called World Flipper.

Check out the first trailer below:


One day boy and girl meet the light. From the light came the appearance of an infinite world from the heavens. This would be a forgotten world. In this world now exists a young man with no memories and a mysterious girl who follows him. It is a tiny world with nobody else except those two.

The two meet  a mysterious creature called Light, who was supposedly a hero long ago. A “Demon Lord of Shadows” also appeared to have chased Light into the world as well.

“World Flipper Commences” says the girl, as the adventure for the boy, girl, and creature begins.

Game System

The above is a look at how the game plays with “non-stop hitting action.”


It’s an action game where you simple tap a character to hit. You can tap while they’re in mid-air for a dash to change trajectory and hit enemies.


Swipe to activate skills. You can combo with characters to activate powerful skills.

Co-op Battles

Work with three others for cooperative battles. You can combo skills together for massive damage against all enemies.

Character Growth

Use experience points and items to enhance characters. You’ll level up characters to have them help take on quests.

High-Difficulty Quests

Use your leveled up characters to take on powerful foes. There are tough quests that put you up against consecutive tough enemies or super giant bosses.

World Flipper by Cygames launches for iOS and Android in Japan on November 27, 2019.

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