The World Of Just One Line Constantly Changes Based On Repeat Playthroughs


Just One Line, a text-based RPG adventure with some added visual flare, looks to give players a reason to keep playing through it, as every run through the game will unlock content based on decisions the player made and the actions they took.  


Just One Line lets players design their own characters, deciding their race, traits, and class, before sending them out into a world filled with hidden treasures and decisions to make. Players will navigate through a text-heavy story, one where they will be repeatedly asked to make decisions on what to do about mysterious caves, monster encounters, and moral dilemmas. Based on these decisions, players will show the character of their avatar within the game’s world, creating heroes or villains depending on what they do.

As players watch to see how their decisions affect their stats, they will also be making changes to the game’s world as well. By playing through certain quests or making certain decisions, they will unlock new races and backgrounds for future characters they can build. Each playthrough has the potential to offer the player many new things on the next, causing sweeping changes based on what they decide to do.


Just One Line is currently in Early Access, and as such, the main story has not yet been implemented. Players can still try out many of the classes, skills, and quests in the game’s current state, getting a feel for its weapons and combat.

Just One Line has recently released a free demo, available from its Steam page, to entice players to pick up the Early Access version, which is available now.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!