World of Horror Blood Moon Update Adds New Mystery


Horror RPG World of Horror received a new major update right in time for Halloween 2023. The World of Horror “Blood Moon” update is the first major addition to the game since December 2021’s “The Ceaseless Cure.” The update also brings the game to version 0.9.9b, meaning it’s closing in on version 1.0.0, typically seen as “release ready” in game development terms.

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According to the patch notes posted on the game’s Steam page, World of Horror Blood Moon adds new actions, a new character, a new mystery, and some additional enemies. New curses, injuries, and town status effects are also part of the expansion.

The additional action is called “Preparing for Investigation,” and it equips playable characters with unique signature items. These include things like a Vanity Mirror, Kirie’s Bag (for the character Kirie Minami), an Anatomy Book. The added mystery is titled “Freakish Fable of the Frightening Flood.” In it, players will go on a rescue mission to a village slowly being inundated by water and submerging. According to the patch notes “drenched clothes and mud will be the least of their worries.” A new character is called the Hunted Heiress, while new enemies include the Tapeworm Salaryman and Human Lantern. Finally, new status effects can be applied to the town, including Blood Moon, Curfew, and Heart of Darkness. The notes do not specify the effects of the status.

Billed as a Cosmic Horror RPG in 2020, World of Horror went for a long stretch without updates until its solo developer Panstasz broke their silence in late 2021, announcing a new addition.

The World of Horror Blood Moon update is available on PC via Steam Early Access. PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions are in development.

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