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World of Horror Releases on Nintendo Switch in Summer 2023

World of Horror Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced that World of Horror will come out for the Nintendo Switch on Summer 2023 in North America. The Japanese release date for the game was revealed as Fall 2023 during the April 2023 Japanese Nintendo Indie World showcase, which showcased a few games that did not appear in the English version of the presentation. World of Horror is an indie horror game with roguelike card elements, and it is heavily inspired by the works of Junji Ito and Lovecraft.

You can take a better look at the Japanese Nintendo Switch trailer for World of Horror here:

World of Horror is set in the year 198X in the fictional Japanese coastal city of Shiokawa. During each run of the game, players must solve a series of otherworldly mysteries to obtain keys that will open the door to the lighthouse, and stop a dark ceremony that will summon an Old God to the real world, bringing certain doom to the world. The game counts with several different playable characters, each with different stats, abilities, and gimmicks.

By receiving physical damage during combat, or witnessing horrifying events or enemies, players will slowly lose Stamina or Sanity points. Players can even develop permanent debuffs if they receive too much damage, like physical injuries. To ensure success, plenty of regular and occult items, weapons, and allies can be obtained to stop the doom meter from reaching 100%.

World of Horror will come to the Nintendo Switch on Summer 2023 in North America. World of Horror is currently available on Windows PC. In October 2022, the game added a new mystery with its Blood Moon update.

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