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Wulverblade–A (Sorta) Historically-Accurate Arcade Brawler Of Rome Vs Britannia


Wulverblade, a (sort of) historically-accurate arcade brawler set in 120 A.D., will have players controlling one of the three guardians of the Northern Tribes of Britannia, fighting back against Roman invaders in bloody battles.


Players can pick from Caradoc, Brennus, and Guinevere to face off against the array of armed Roman soldiers coming for their homes, battling these foes across eight stages. As they carve up their foes with their blades, they’ll unlock bits of story that delve into the history of this bloody period, telling a rich story along with the bloody gameplay.

Players won’t have to face the Romans alone, as they can bring a friend with them in local co-op.


Wulverblade is available now on Steam, the PlayStation Store, the Microsoft Store, and the Nintendo eShop.

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