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Wuthering Waves May Get Improved English Voice Acting

Ria, an employee for the Kuro Games localization team, stated that the voice acting for Wuthering Waves should improve after the first two story acts. The actors and actresses will no longer need to use an American accent if uncomfortable with it. [Thanks, Wuthering Waves Media!]

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According to Ria, SIDE London is the company that the localization team worked with for the voice actors. This is due to Britain’s geographical proximity to China compared to the USA, which would make communication easier as the time difference wouldn’t be as large. This is why most of the voice actors are British. The localization team then requested that the voice actors use an American accent . While recording has finished for the first two story acts, the localization team promisd to work closer with the voice director and make sure the accents are consistent.

Replies on Twitter pointed out that the accents aren’t the problem with the voice acting in Wuthering Waves. Comments suggested it is the direction. In a now deleted video, a fan pointed out how in an intense scene in which Scar is escaping, the Rover’s “you’re not getting away” line is delivered in a very monotone voice that doesn’t suit the scene. This is less a problem with the voice actors and more a lack of direction.

Though highly anticipated prior to its launch, controversy has mired Wuthering Waves’s global debut. Between issues with performance and the voice acting, as well as complaints about the story and comparisons to Genshin Impact, fans are airing their grievances on social media. To Kuro Games’s credit, it’s transparent with how it’s going to improve the player experience going forth. The company also offered players a free standard 5-star character as as an apology.

Wuthering Waves is readily available on the Windows PC and mobile devices.

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