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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Shows Off The Pretty Wolf Girl Rare Blade Uka



Xenoblade Chronicles 2’ Drivers will get to summon weaponized life forms called Blades. The game’s official Twitter account shared look at a rare Blade named Uka, who comes with two little foxes on her shoulders.


Uka (CV: M・A・O, Artist: Nakaba Higurashi)


The two foxes on her shoulders are named “Suke-tan” and “kaku-tan.”



The above is a look at Uka in the game. She has the appearance of a martial arts-style fighter and is said to have an easygoing personality.


You can check out some more rare Blades in our previous report, where we got a look at the gorgeous Azami and Kubira.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 releases on December 1, 2017 for Nintendo Switch.

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