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Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s Raijin-Based Rare Blade Raiko Is Shockingly Cute



Xenoblade Chronicles 2 features weaponized life forms called Blades that can be summoned by Drivers, and Nintendo shared a look at the latest one with the shockingly cute Rare Blade named Raiko.


Raiko (CV: Himika Akaneya, Artist: Asato Mizu)


It doesn’t take much to see that Raiko is an electric-type Blade, and better yet, she has a design based on the god of lightning and thunder, Raijin.


The above is a look at Raiko’s synchronization scene, where she starts out by making her own sound effects for thunder. She has an optimistic personality and the scene shows her saying “Things might not always go so well, but I’ll do my best!” That said, you Drivers better protect that smile at all costs.


Check out some of the other Rare Blades below:


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 releases on December 1, 2017 for Nintendo Switch.

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