XSeed picks up two PSP RPGs and Wild Arms V


Besides bringing out Valhalla Knights next month XSeed has three other titles scheduled for 2007. Brave Story: New Traveler from Game Republic is a surprise since it’s based off an anime movie that never came to North America. In Brave Story players step into the shoes of an 11 year old boy who ventures into the world of vision in search for the Goddess of Fortune to bring his friend Mika back to life. Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground also for the PSP has players create dungeons (no surprise there) to protect a town from monster attacks. Then for Playstation 2 XSeed is going to publish and localize Wild Arms: The Vth Vanguard, which is scheduled for Q3 2007. Since XSeed took care of Wild Arms 4 it’s not a huge surprise that they picked up Wild Arms V, Brave Story is probably the surprise title in their list since the anime tie in is lost.

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An original title developed specifically for the PSP system, DUNGEON MAKER: HUNTING GROUND offers addictive game play with a simulation dungeon creation element and real-time battles hunting for monsters to collect items, gold, and to fulfill requirements to complete the various quests given by townspeople.


The Story


An ambitious but novice dungeon maker arrives in a small town known to suffer periodic attacks from violent monsters. He buys a vast plot of land at the outskirts of the town to create a grand dungeon in hopes of luring in various enemy monsters which to hunt to collect gold and items. He envisions his complete dungeon to be one so appealing as to lure the legendary Wandering Demon. Defeating this menacing monster would free the townspeople from the fear he casts upon them, while winning acclaim as a true dungeon maker for the “Architect.”   


The townspeople are initially skeptical about the Architect’s ability to achieve his ultimate goal of building such a dungeon. Over the years, they’ve watched other such dungeon makers arrive with great plans but ultimately fail – falling prey to the very monsters they’ve lured into their dungeons or haphazardly abandoning their creations. However, as the Architect’s dungeon grows and improves, luring rarer and more powerful enemies, and he begins bringing back more valuable treasures, the townspeople begin offering support to his mission. Soon the whole town is involved in the dungeon making process; they give advice about the intricacies of dungeon making, sell crucial items, provide weapons and magic spells, treat the Architect when injured, and request various favors to be completed in the expanding dungeon in exchange for generous rewards.  Whether the growing hopes of the townspeople and the Architect will be realized all depends on the quality of the dungeon he creates and his developing battle skills.


Key Features

Design and modify a customizable dungeon, floor-by-floor, using simple controls to quickly develop a deep and detailed dungeon.

Strategically layout and improve your dungeon to maximize its attractiveness and lure in the most sought-after enemies to take their loot.

Fight real-time battles wielding various melee and ranged weapons, casting magic spells, rendering special attacks, and summoning creatures to defeat the wide variety of monsters including undead creatures, orcs, and dragons.

Enjoy the vast selection of building materials to customize your dungeon and complete quests to access the rarer items from the wide array of weapons, armors, and accessories to upgrade your warrior.

Trade dungeons – Utilize network connectivity to trade dungeons with a friend. Show off your dungeon creation skills and explore a friend’s dungeon to see what kind of monsters and treasures lie inside.


DUNGEON MAKER: HUNTING GROUND is scheduled for release in July 2007.  The title was released in Japan on September 28, 2006 and developed by Global A Entertainment, Inc.  The ESRB rating and suggested retail price will be announced at a later date.




An original title created specifically for the PSP system and developed by Game Republic (Genji series), BRAVE STORY: NEW TRAVELER features beautifully rendered 3D graphics, an epic tale with a host of colorful supporting characters, and a traditional turn-based battle system easy for beginners to pickup and play but with enough depth and innovative features for seasoned gamers. 


The Story


“Beyond the door you can change your destiny”


On a day that starts out like any other, an 11-year-old boy’s life is changed forever. As the main character and his friend Miki pass a leisurely afternoon, Miki suddenly collapses from an unknown illness. When the girl shows no sign of waking, the main character grows distraught over not being a better friend and not having the means to save her.


Suddenly, a strange voice offers him a second chance: “Beyond the door you can change your destiny!” He soon leaves the real world and journeys to the world of Vision, where, as a novice “Traveler,” he will surmount myriad ordeals in hopes of ultimately meeting with the Goddess of Fortune to have a single wish granted.


The would-be hero quickly makes friends both strange and fascinating as he finds himself blossoming into a successful Traveler. His courage and resolve are tested time and again as he and his newfound companions travel the mysterious lands of Vision. The challenges he faces are daunting, but his growing sense of self and responsibility propel him ever forward.


 Valuable friendships, unbounded courage, and his own personal growth will all prove indispensable as he seeks out his destiny: a life-changing adventure and the discovery of a hero inside an ordinary kid.


Key Features

A role-playing game with an epic tale, introducing unique characters with distinct personalities and leading the player through the imaginative world of Vision as he learns to become a hero.

Traditional turn-based battle system enhanced by innovative features based on the story’s themes of friendship, courage, and growth:

Friendship – Form bonds with party members to create new, cooperative skills.

Courage – Use “brave power” (BP) to unleash powerful special abilities, continually refilling the gauge as you devastate the enemy.

Growth – The hero’s main weapon will evolve as he collects the gemstones needed to meet with the Goddess of Fortune. New accessories can be forged by collecting and combining the right materials. Each character can also unlock a one-of-a-kind innate ability.

Beautifully rendered 3D graphics with vibrant colors and a distinct visual style, highlighted by polished character and enemy movement, graphical representations of sound effects, and a unique animation for each special ability – all exceptionally well drawn and intricately textured.

Collect special birds which you can use in mini-games or trade in for rare and precious weapons, armor, and items.

Network with friends to trade your birds, or game-share a mini-game to have friends assist in capturing rare birds.


BRAVE STORY: NEW TRAVELER is scheduled for release in Q3 2007.  The title was released in Japan on July 8, 2006 by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and developed by Game Republic.  The ESRB rating and suggested retail price will be announced at a later date.


WILD ARMS 5 (for PlayStation 2)


WILD ARMS 5 is the newest chapter in the popular role-playing game series by Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio and developer Media.Vision Entertainment.  Celebrating the series’ 10th anniversary since its inception, WILD ARMS 5 features a brand new cast of characters in an all-new storyline along with a return of the acclaimed HEX battle system from WILD ARMS 4, strengthening its appeal to both new players as well as returning fans of the series.  WILD ARMS 5 follows the journey of a group of young travelers as they try to unlock the mysteries of their ravaged land and unknowingly become involved in a struggle that will decide the fate of the entire world.


The Story


12,000 years ago, the world of Filgaia was a land immersed in technology far beyond anything found in the present day. For reasons unknown, however, the citizens of this advanced culture suddenly abandoned their technology, leaving the future of the human race to live in a comparatively primitive state. All that remained of this once great civilization were some scattered mechanical parts and the occasional remnants of a legendary golem—huge mechanical devices built to serve mankind. While use of the old technology remained mostly out of reach, there were some who had begun to research the ancient devices, seeking even the faintest hope of enriching their lives on this desolate world.


The situation changed dramatically about a hundred years ago when a new race known as the Veruni arrived on the planet. Although similar in appearance to humans, the Veruni’s superior physical attributes and advanced technology allowed them to quickly establish dominance over mankind. The human race found itself relegated to second-class status, and many citizens were forced to perform hard labor day in and day out in order to survive.


Fast-forward to the present day. In a small town called Capo Bronco on the outskirts of Filgaia, two youths, Dean Stark and Rebecca Streisand, witness an unbelievable event—the giant arm of a golem somehow falling from the sky. Their disbelief grows further when they discover that within the clenched fist of the golem’s hand lies a girl with little recollection of her past other than her name—“Avril.” This chance encounter inspires Dean and Rebecca to travel with Avril across the wastelands of Filgaia in hopes of helping her regain her lost memories. Little do they know their journey will eventually decide the fate of all mankind…


Key Features

Return of the acclaimed HEX battle system, with all-new features such as interchangeable abilities between party members, varied battlefield layouts, and the ability to switch party members during battle.

Huge, fully explorable 3D world with tons of hidden items, quests, and mini-games to discover.

Dual pistol-wielding allows the player to shoot various types of bullets to solve puzzles, joining the returning action elements of jumping, sliding, and stomping on the field map.

Highly-detailed 3D event scenes with voice-overs.

Dozens of cameo appearances and other surprises for longtime fans of the series.


WILD ARMS 5 is scheduled for release in Q3 2007.  The title was released in Japan on December 14, 2006 by Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio and developed by Media.Vision Entertainment Inc.  The ESRB rating and suggested retail price will be announced at a later date.


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