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Yasumi Matsuno Praises Tactics Ogre Reborn Ozma Voiceover

Tactics Ogre Reborn Ozma

Tactics Ogre Reborn is approaching its November 2022 release date, and Director Yasumi Matsuno (who also helped create Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and Final Fantasy XII) commented on the development process. In his latest update, delivered via his Twitter account, he spoke about the Tactics Ogre Reborn character Ozma Moh Glacius. He discussed the game’s vocal performances, which were added for this enhanced remaster.

Editor’s Note: The Tactics Ogre tweets include some character spoilers.

In his comments, which were placed as a quote above a profile of Ozma from Tactics Ogre Reborn official account, Matsuno spoke about her characterization and the directions they gave to voice actor Mie Sonozaki. He said that in Tactics Ogre Reborn, Ozma, despite being the only female member of the Dark Knights Loslorien, doesn’t consider herself “feminine.” Instead, she is serious and well-aware of her position as part of a prestigious noble line (in her homeland of Lodis). She won’t hesitate to take advantage of those noble ties. As such, they instructed Sonozaki (who also played Ashe in Final Fantasy XII), to portray Ozma as a strong warrior that will never back down.

In a follow-up Tweet, Matsuno remarked that in the original Super Famicom edition of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, the story content featuring interactions with Ozma had to be cut due to the game’s development timeline. They added that cut content in the 2010 PSP remake, which is the basis for Tactics Ogre Reborn. Matsuno encouraged players to experience the content and see glimpses of her personality, her loyalty to her homeland, and “the vileness of those who would dare to use her.” He also expressed gratitude to Mie Sonozaki, who “breathed life into the role.” In replies, he also added that the Tactics Ogre Reborn script had some lines revised from the remake, to take advantage of the addition of voice performances.

Tactics Ogre Reborn launches on November 11, 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5. The PC edition launches on November 12, 2022. It will have voice acting in both Japanese and English, and a special Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order.

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