Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y Gets First Gameplay Screenshots and Details

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Earlier this week, Level-5 announced the latest game in the Yo-kai Watch franchise, which is a spinoff titled Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y, coming to PS4 and Switch. Today, the company opened the official website for the game, and also provided new screenshots of the gameplay, although we did get a sneak peek back in December. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

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Like the anime movie and TV series it’s based on, the game will have players following the story of Jinpei and his group of friends as they solve mysterious incidents happening all throughout the campus. As Jinpei and the others use special watches called YSP to fuse with yo-kai for battle, yo-kai battles are quite different in this game.

One of the things you’ll be able to do is explore the entire academy.

Meanwhile, yo-kai battles take place in isometric perspective, and is action-based.

Finally, here’s a look at the Yo-kai Academy Y series’ main visual and Academy City setting:

The setting of the anime and game is Y Academy, also nicknamed Academy City due to its size. Apart from basic school facilities, it has shopping streets, fancy restaurants, a desert, an ocean, and more. In this game, you’ll be able to freely explore Y Academy. Furthermore, you’ll be able to meet many unique students, like the student council that wields immense power, and take part in YSP Club’s club activities.

Here’s a look at the central academy proper.

Here’s how Jinpei and his friends can use the YSP Watch to fuse with spirits into Yo-kai Heroes.

Finally, Level-5 announced that Yo-kai Watch Y will have some sort of connectivity with Yo-kai Watch 4++, although the contents of this haven’t been announced.

Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y will release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan in Summer 2020.

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