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Yoshinori Kitase Said Vincent is His Favorite FFVII Character

vincent ffvii yoshinori kitase favorite ffvii character

To coincide with Final Fantasy VII making its PlayStation Now debut, Yoshinori Kitase took to the PlayStation Blog to talk a bit about the game. (He was the director and one of the writers for the original PlayStation release.) Much of the account goes over the challenges that came from creating the game and its cutscenes. However, he also talked about other thoughts. For example, Kitase noted that his favorite FFVII character is Vincent Valentine.

When character design discussion came up, he brought up that Vincent was his favorite in FFVII. To be specific, he cited how different he is, in terms of personality and design, than other characters throughout the series.

Here is the full quote.

We worked incredibly hard on the game over the course of development, to include features that would excite players and innovate the RPG genre. For example, we built the materia system, which gives players a lot of control over character abilities, and created many compelling characters, each with their own deep stories and arcs.

My personal favorite is Vincent Valentine. He’s an optional party member–so if you’re playing the game for the first time on PS Now, make sure you thoroughly explore a certain mansion… that’s all I’ll say.

I like the character because he’s the kind of dark hero who would typically appear in horror movies, and the type of character that did not exist in the Final Fantasy games before that point.

Vincent appeared in multiple compilation of Final Fantasy VII installments. In addition to his (optional) appearance in FFVII, he is the star of Dirge of Cerberus: FFVII. He also appeared in FFVII: Advent Children. He has yet to appear in FFVII Remake.

As for Yoshinori Kitase, in addition to the original FFVII, he served as a producer on FFVII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII originally appeared on the PlayStation. It can now be played on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Android and Apple iOS devices. It is also available on PlayStation Now.

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