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You Can Recruit the Dog, Thanks to the Ghost of Tsushima Dog Charm

Ghost of Tsushima Dog Charm

Developer Sucker Punch continues to add new content to its hit samurai game. The latest addition coming on October 16, 2020, is the Ghost of Tsushima dog charm, which adds the ability to pet dogs in the open world. Players will also be able to recruit the dogs they pet as allies. The new feature was teased in a tweet from Sucker Punch’s official Twitter account:

When the game’s version 1.1 update hits, players can enter New Game+ mode, and in doing so, will be able to equip the Ghost of Tsushima dog charm, a new item formally named the “Charm of Canine Recruitment,” using it to pet the dogs. Flush with fresh affection for Jin Sakai and presumably for samurai ideology, the dogs will then fight on his behalf as comrades against the Mongols. In the teaser clip, Jin is shown petting one of the Mongols’ own Bankhar war dogs and gaining its allegiance.

Petting the dog is not just limited to the realm of the living, though. The update that gives us the Ghost of Tsushima dog charm also adds the Legends multiplayer mode, which includes the ability to summon a spirit dog that can also be given a good petting.

Ghost of Tsushima is immediately available on PS4. The version 1.1 update will launch on October 16, 2020. Read our review of the game, or learn a bit more about the real Tsushima invasion.

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