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You’ll Be Unstoppable With Tigrex And Nargacuga On Your Side In Monster Hunter Stories



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Capcom shared their latest Otomon monster partner videos for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS RPG Monster Hunter Stories with a look at Tigrex and its distant-Flying Wyvern cousin Nargacuga.



Those of you who’ve fought Tigrex before know how he can pulverize just about anything that gets in his way. His Ride Action allows for you to move in high speed, although it does make it a little tougher to make turns.


His wild dash is also part of the Active Skill, which can be used to attack enemies. The super special shown at the end is called “Tiga-Impact,” and let’s just say I’m grateful he hasn’t pulled that one off in any of the previous games.



Nargacuga, one of my personal favorites, is able to sneak around fields with an invisible effect that allows you to travel undetected as part of his Ride Action. His Active Skill is a buff that provides an increase in attack and critical hits. As for his super special, it’s called “Spiral Edge” and it puts Narga’s speed in top-gear for a powerful attack.


Monster Hunter Stories will release in Japan on October 8, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. Check our earlier reports for a look at videos for Lagombi, Brachydios, Lagiacrus, Zinogre, Qurupeco, Aptonoth, Rathian, and Khezu.

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