Makai Kingdom meet Disgaea 3. Lord Zetta, the most badass overlord to ever be sealed in a book, joins Mao and his growing army of Nippon Ichi cameos in Disgaea 3. Like his appearance in DS, Lord Zetta is a book in Disgaea 3 too. Fellow Makai Kingdom alum, Pram, joins Lord Zetta. She brings a mammoth sized Frost Dragon with her. Marjoly hailing from Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure made an appearance in the previous two Disgaea games. Through downloadable content she can join Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice too and transform into a rod. Right now these characters are only available if you have the Japanese version of the game, but don’t worry NIS America has plans to localize the downloadable content in the future.








Images courtesy of Nippon Ichi.

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