PlayStation 3

Your Stomach Is Your Item Sack In The Witch And The Hundred Knights


In The Witch and the Hundred Knights, you have to travel across  the world and fight monsters in order to create swamps and defeat the Forest Witch. Naturally, the journey requires a lot of energy, which means you have to eat a ton of food.


As you’re out adventuring, you have a limited number of Giga Calories that gradually decreases over time. If you run out of Giga Calories, you will lose all of your items and return to Metallica’s base. To replenish energy, you must weaken enemies, then scarf them down by rapidly tapping the triangle button. Depending on how well you gobble them up, you will receive extra bonuses.


You can check your Giga Calories by looking in your stomach, which also serves as your item sack. The more items you stuff in your belly, the less Giga Calories you can carry.



When you have a large amount of Giga Calories, you can also unleash your powerful transformation, Chaos Liberation.


In addition to eating enemies, you can use a special Tochka called a Captel to weaken enemies and capture them. By capturing enemies, you can obliterate them with a dark tornado, leaving behind a rare item.


Lastly, we have a look at two large boss enemies. The first one is the spider-like heretic witch Fahrenheit. Not only is it huge, but it is invulnerable against most attacks. The second one is some kind of Chimera train.


The Witch and the Hundred Knights will be released in Japan on July 25. NIS America is localizing it for the West, but have not announced a date yet.