Atlus put together an extra large limited edition package for Catherine. The "Love is Over" deluxe package includes:


a replica of Vincent’s boxer shorts,



an Empty Hearts t-shirt the alluring Catherine wears in the game,



a Catherine pillowcase,


and the game for either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 stuffed inside a Stray Sheep pizza box. That’s the bar where Vincent and his buddies hangout and dish about their love life.




Here’s a look at all of the items together.




The Love is Over deluxe edition costs $79.99. Atlus urges fans who want the Love is Over version to pre-order it since the deluxe edition only enough copies will be made to fulfill reservations. A standalone copy of Catherine will retail for $59.99. Reserve Catherine for either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 and you’ll receive the bonus Atlus offered to Japan – a CD with eleven tracks from the game remixed by Shoji Meguro and a 36 page art book.


catherine_preorderbonus_musiccd catherine_preorderbonus_artbook catherine_preorderbonus_glamshot


When can you pick up Catherine? July 26, that’s the game’s release date in North America.

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