Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Just Released And Players Are Already Abusing One Turn Kill Combos



Konami just released Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Link for smartphone in Japan today, and as expected, players have already come up with ways to OTK opponents with ease in the Speed Duel format.


The above is a video showing an example of the Speed Duel with Jounouchi vs. Mai (Joey vs. Mai, if you will). As you can see, the duels only allow you to summon up to three monsters per side, and your deck has to consist of 20 cards instead of the usual 40. You start out with 4,000 life points and 4 cards instead of the usual 8,000LP and 5 cards, and your extra deck can only consist of up to 5 cards instead of 15.


With the lower amount of cards per deck, it’s been quite easy to come up with all kinds of ways to finish off opponents in just one turn. Hachima shares an example of key cards used in what they’re calling the “ultimate deck” that is being abused to win duels on the smartphone game:



Karate Man: You can double the original ATK of this card once per turn. If you used this effect, destroy this card during the End Phase.



Twin Swords of Flashing Light – Tryce: Send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard; equip this card to a monster. It loses 500 ATK, but it can make a second attack during each Battle Phase.



Secret Pass to the Treasures: Select 1 face-up monster with an ATK equal to 1000 points or less on your side of the field. During the turn this card is activated, the selected monster can attack your opponent’s Life Points directly.


So basically, the concept is to summon Karate Man, give the buffs and ability to directly attack enemies for the one turn kill. Okay, if you were following closely, you might ask if Karate Man’s attack drops to 500 after using Tryce, which should effectively lower its ATK by 500 upon use for being able to double attack. The keyword for Karate Man’s effect is “original ATK,” meaning it stays 1,000 when using its effect.


There’s been plenty of other OTK combos going on, but I’ll leave the rest for you card game professors to figure out.


And to make matters worse, the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Twitter account recently made a tweet asking fans to share the names of cards opponents have said “that’s a strong card” about, but what’s funny is how the image used in the tweet actually contained Karate Man, out of all the thousands of cards available in the TCG. And of course Japanese fans caught onto that.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is available in Japan for Android and iOS.

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