Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters Chronicle Figures Led by Blue-Eyes White Dragon


Megahouse announced a new line of figures based on Yu-Gi-Oh called Monsters Chronicle. The line will be based on the monsters from its expansive bestiary. The first figures in the line will be led by three iconic Yu-Gi-Oh monsters: The Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and Insect Queen. All three are available to pre-order in Japan.

The Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters Chronicle Blue-Eyes White Dragon figure is based on the legendary card and its associated monster. It costs 6,380 Yen (about $43 USD). The figure stands 120mm tall (about 4.7″ inches). It shows the dragon taking flight amidst a swirl of blue energy. The card’s prominent role in the early storylines of Yu-Gi-Oh lent it iconic status among fans. It’s also associated with the character Seto Kaiba, and many promotions related to the series have featured the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, like the 25th Anniversary briefcase set.

The Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters Chronicle Red-Eyes Black Dragon serves as a counterpart to the more famous Blue-Eyes. Standing slightly taller at 140mm (about 5.5″ inches), it goes for the same price of 6,380 Yen. The Red-Eyes’ dynamic pose is designed to complement the Blue-Eyes, to make for a dramatic scene if both are together.

The third Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters Chronicle figure is of the Insect Queen, a key card played in the duel between Weevil Underwood and Joey Wheeler in the anime. The Insect Queen figure costs 7,040 Yen (about $48 USD) and stands 120mm (about 4.7″ inches) tall. Its pedestal also shows a number of eggs and insect hatchlings.

All three figures are available for pre-order in Japan, and are expected to ship in June 2023. An international release for the Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters Chronicle figure line has not yet been announced.

Josh Tolentino
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