Yu Yu Hakusho Genkai Battle Spirits Will Cover Events of the Anime

Yu Yu Hakusho Genkai Battle Spirits

More information regarding Yu Yu Hakusho Genkai Battle Spirits has been revealed. This includes various features that players will be able to experience once the mobile game goes live. Players can relive the storyline of the series and participate in legendary battles against the numerous villains that appeared in the anime. Additionally, players will be able to upgrade and train their characters. [Thanks, Gamer!]

The upgrade and training system will function similarly to other mobile games. Players will need to participate in various challenges to level up their characters to make them more formidable and capable of getting through the story. This will also be integral for the player versus player mode that focuses on team battles. Additionally, players will be able to participate in Dark Tournament style competitions. There will be two leagues, an A League and an S League.

Pre-registration bonuses are currently available. Consumers only need to retweet a specific tweet made by the official Twitter account to help accumulate pre-registration rewards. This campaign will last until May 2, 2021. In early April 2021, pre-registration officially opened, serving as one of the first updates to the game since its announcement in 2019.

Yu Yu Hakusho Genkai Battle Spirits will release on Android and iOS devices to Japanese audiences.

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