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Yuuko And Kyoko Return In Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory


digimon SCHM 1


New information on Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory has been unveiled, revealing the return of Yuuko Kamishiro and Kyoko Kuremi from the original Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Furthermore, a new feature called ‘Hacker’s Memory’ was introduced along with screenshots of EmperorGreymon, MagnaGarurumon, Mercurymon, Susanoomon and Neptunemon. [Thanks, 4gamer]


Yuuko Kamishiro

digimon SCHM 2


Yuuko is the daughter of former Kamishiro Enterprises president Satoru Kamishiro. She is investigating current president Rie Kishibe’s seemingly illegal activities, as well as the mysterious rush of hacker activity.


She is quite bad at grasping social distance and doesn’t really open up to anybody. She is bad at ad-libbing and slow to react to sudden events. After finding out Kamishiro Enterprises is behind the increased Hacker activity, she becomes a secondary ally of “Hudie”.


digimon SCHM 3 digimon SCHM 4

digimon SCHM 5 digimon SCHM 6

digimon SCHM 7 digimon SCHM 8


At one point the main character will need to hack and control Yuuko’s avatar in order to sneak into Kamishiro Enterprise servers. There is also a sidequest where Yuuko is eyeing a particular restaurant for some reason. She can also be recruited for Domination Battles.


Kyoko Kuremi

digimon SCHM 9


Kyoko is a P.I. specializing in cyber related cases, working from her office in Nakano Broadway. She is cool-headed and mature, but she makes a particularly disastrous blend of coffee.


digimon SCHM 10 digimon SCHM 11

digimon SCHM 12 digimon SCHM 13


Kyoko seems to have some sort of recollection of meeting the protagonist, saying that he was the reason she thought of looking for an assistant. And of course, the protagonist gets to try out her infamous coffee.


Hacker’s Memory

hacker memory 1

hacker memory 2


Hacker’s Memories are memory fragments that can be obtained when clearing specific story missions. They are decrypted and made available to view back at the base.


The Memories show other sides of characters and Digimon that appear throughout the subseries, which can help deepen the understanding of characters. There are also some that can help solve the mystery behind the hacker incident that is the focus of the game.


hacker memory 3

hacker memory 4 hacker memory 5

hacker memory 6 hacker memory 7

hacker memory 8 hacker memory 9

hacker memory 10 hacker memory 11

hacker memory 12 hacker memory 13

hacker memory 14 hacker memory 15

hacker memory 16


Finally there are screenshots of the newly added Digimon:


kaisergreymon 1 kaisergreymon 2

kaisergreymon 3 kaisergreymon 4

kaisergreymon 5 kaisergreymon 6

kaisergreymon 7 kaisergreymon 8

kaisergreymon 9 kaisergreymon 10

kaisergreymon 11 kaisergreymon 12

kaisergreymon 13 kaisergreymon 14

kaisergreymon 15 kaisergreymon 16

kaisergreymon 17 kaisergreymon 18

kaisergreymon 19 kaisergreymon 20

kaisergreymon 21 kaisergreymon 22

kaisergreymon 23 kaisergreymon 24


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory will come to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on December 14, 2017. It will come to the PlayStation 4 in the Americas and Europe on January 19, 2018.

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