Zack Fair Becomes Even More Of A Hero With His Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Awakening

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Out of bed, sleepyhead! It’s time to wake up with Zack Fair’s Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Awakening. Characters in the game are periodically updated with boosted Crystal level caps and EX weapons, and the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII hero’s time will begin in the global version of the game at 7pm PT today. His new character and Crystal Strength level caps will be 60. With this upgrade, Zack becomes both a tank and a DPS sort of character.


Zack gets three new, notable passives earned by leveling up his Crystal Strength with black crystals. If you get it to level 55, you earn a Chain Slash upgrade for him. This lets him reach 120% MAX BRV and trigger an HP attack, turns his BRV attack to BRV Attack+ after Chain Slash, and increases his BRV by 10% of HP damage dealt. His level 58 passive will increase the party’s MAX BRV and ATK by 40%. If you get all the way to level 60, then Rush Assault gets some new benefits. Its buffs last two turns longer, his HP attack will become HP Attack+ after Rush Assault is used, it deals multiple BRV and HP attacks, and increases BRV by 10% of cumulative HP damage performed.


As part of this event, a number of Zack-related affairs are in effect. People who missed out on recruiting him back when his Shining In, Someday event occurred in November 2018 finally have a chance to add him to their roster. Shining In, Someday is now a permanent Lost Chapter.


This also means the Zack EX weapon is available in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. A banner will be available with the Enhance Sword (VII) until August 19, 2019. This gives him the BRV Barrier buff that scales with his INT BRV, reduces BRV damage from each BRV hit, and remains in effect until a Break. (This is helpful against multiple hit BRV attacks.) This pairs especially well with his EX Ability Apocalypse, as it has a Lock debuff that hits all targets for four turns and forces them to only target Zack. Should someone limit break the Enhance Sword (VII), then the first limit break increases Apocalypse’s BRV damage slightly, the second increases its recast speed slightly, and the third slightly increases INT BRV and moderately increases his ATK if he’s wielding this sword. If you max out the sword’s level when it is completely limit broken, then Zack gets the Unlocked Strength passive


Apocalypse is a magic damage attack, as opposed to Zack’s normal melee attacks. It is a six-hit BRV+HP attack that hit the group of enemies and his stolen BRV can exceed his normal MAX BRV by 150%. If Zack is being targeted, he deals more brave damage. Once it has ended, all enemies have Lock on them and Zack has BRV Barrier cast on himself for four turns or until a Break.


Zack’s alternate costume will also be available as part of this event. If people buy a 9,000 gem chest, they will get his SOLDIER 2nd Class alternate costume. You can see it alongside his default costume below. The SOLDIER 2nd Class look offers a younger version of Zack with a different hairstyle, no scar, and changed boots.


dissidia final fantasy opera omnia zack


Here is a video of the Zack Awakening and EX Showcase.


ZackEX_2 ZackEX_3 ZackEX_4 ZackEX_5


Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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