Zeta Busters Is An Anime-Inspired Tactical Combat Game You Can Play For Free



Four students from Vancouver Film School got together to create an anime-inspired isometric card-based tactics game called Zeta Busters as one of their projects. It’s now available to download for free on its website.


The story concerns four warriors who set out to destroy Dr. Bellbotula’s army of robotic Zetas that are designed to carry out his evil plans. This plays out as battles in which movements and actions are tied to a limited number of action points for each hero and Zeta.


However, what marks Zeta Busters as being slightly different from other tactical games is its disk system. Each warrior has access to disks that issue special attacks that are only effective if you can match timed button presses. For example, one of the disks allows for three hits in one go, so you need to match three beats as a slider passes across them to land all three hits.



Chris Priestman