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Zillions Of Enemy X Is Part Card Game And Strategy Role Playing Game



In Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming game, Zillions of Enemy X, you’ll be fighting with summoned partner ZXes in the form of cards. Like any strategic card game, knowing how to play your cards will be a crucial factor in defeating enemy ZXes. However, you’ll also have to understand your surroundings to succeed in this card game.



There are many cards with abilities such as life or SP recovery among other skills available to ZXes, which you can combine according to your play style. These cards feature attribute colors that can also be combined to perform special effects. Mixing and matching different cards and their attributes will define the strategic play behind Zillions of Enemy X.



Another important thing you’ll have to keep in mind are the different “territories” on the map. Each space your character or ZX walks on, will change colors according, making it your own territory. Having a ZX on your own territory can give you power and life buffs. When these spaces are connected, they become what’s known as Chains. The longer your Chain is, the more enhancements you can acquire from them.


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However, you will also have to beware of your enemies, as they’ll also be able to use their own Chains. This means you’ll not only have to fight them in card battles, but also in strategic placements. Cutting off their Chains will greatly reduce their power-ups, while giving you the upper hand if you can manage to keep yours alive.


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In Zillions of Enemy X, you’ll be playing as different characters from around the world. These characters will level up according to the how many cards they’ve gathered. Leveling up boosts their stats, making them more effective on the battlefield, and furthermore, they’ll also learn abilities. Some of these abilities include skills such as “Summon Familiar” and “Area Hack”, which can be used on the map.



The Summon Familiar ability allows you to summon a familiar who can move around on the map, making it possible to further expand your territories. They can also be used as cover if you place them in front of enemies, or as a way to cut their Chains.



Area Hack is a pretty useful ability that allows you to take over territories without having to move. This will especially come in handy when there are nearby enemies you’d rather not approach. The shape of the areas that can be “hacked” will vary according to your character.



There are also abilities that can only be activated when certain conditions are met. For example, Natalia’s Movement + ability, which activates when you have the color attributes Red x 1, Blue x 1 and White x 2 in your deck. Higher level abilities will be much more useful, but their conditions will also be tougher.



Zillions of Enemy X offers network play, that will allow you to test your cards and strategic wits against others online. You can play against friends or climb the ranking ladders by facing other people while using your own deck and ZXes.


Zillions of Enemy X will come out on May 23rd for PlayStation 3.

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