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Zoids Wild: King of Blast Has Only 10 Zoids At Launch But Will Add 6 For Free This Summer



Zoids Wild: King of Blast releases in Japan in a couple days and its starting roster is 10 playable Zoids. Some fans voiced their concern about it being a bit too low, but Takara Tomy announced there will be six more coming this summer.


According to the announcement, Zoids Wild: King of Blast is getting six new playable Zoids with a free update this summer. The very first of the six was revealed as Grachiosaurus (pictured above).


Zoids Wild: King of Blast releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 28, 2019. Check our previous report for a look at some Wild Liger vs. Ganontas gameplay, and here for a look at its story mode, characters, and gameplay.

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