What your next generation system preference says about you

By Spencer . May 1, 2006 . 2:15pm

A new study done with the IGN audience discovered that 36% claim loyalty to the Playstation 3.  Twenty-eight percent favored the Xbox 360 and 22% are interested in Wii. Undecided gamers are a minority, only 14% don’t have a preference for a next generation system. What’s more interesting are the “lifestyle” choices that the survey found. The undecided gamers like role playing games as their preferred genre, people loyal to the Xbox 360 brand like listening to Nirvana and gamers interested in the Wii watch Smallville. The survey also showed that the majority of people prefer the PSP as their handheld of choice. Only people who are looking forward to the Wii like the Nintendo DS more. Seventy percent of the readers who took the survey own a handheld. Check below for graph of gamers preferences by next generation loyalty.

Next Generation Allegiance



Brand Loyalty



More information was provided about the small clan of undecided gamers. Their favorite brands include Google, Apple, Coke, Taco Bell, Target and Dell. Undecided gamers also tend to have larger DVD collection, 67% own 20 or more DVDs and 47% of the group are looking forward at buying an HDTV. However, this same group is not the MTV demographic that Microsoft tried to pin down with their Xbox 360 launch show. Only 17% of the undecided gamers watch “Punk’d” and even less watch the Real World. Instead Lost is on their top list of TV shows. Maybe Sony or Nintendo could drop some new consoles on the island and snag this demographic.

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  • That Guy

    Did you know that 98% of all percentages are made up.

    No but seriously how are these things even related, I’m interested in all three consoles and I’ve never watched an episode of Lost, 24 or Smallville and I don’t like those bands either. And why only an IGN audience? Just because there is a graph and a chart doesn’t make me want to believe any of it.

    My biggest question is WHO made the study? WHO???

  • Brian

    Just the fact that the PSP is the all-around obvious handheld of choice shows that these statistics are quite a bit flawed.

    ….Interesting, nonetheless.

  • Pc

    I see that alot of the studies that were done through ign are actualy true !!! It’s crazy, but i have a few friends whos interests match up with alot of the data in the graph…as so do mine. Alot of people will disagree with the studies, but then again there is always somebody who disagrees !!! Just puttin my word in :)

  • Dranore

    Have to agree, please provide the source for this information. I can’t find it anywhere.

  • I understand there are lots of questions about this study. Just to clarify everything we did not do the study. It was performed by GamerMetrics, a subsidary of IGN. Below is the original press release that was given to me.

    Press Release


    Console Makers Must Court PlayStation 2-Owner Fans of “Lost” who Listen to Gorillaz on their MP3 Players and Eat at Taco Bell, According to IGN

    May 1, 2006 – Brisbane, Calif. – In the race to be the leading next-generation console, any of the three manufacturers can take the prize, according to results of a recent study by IGN Entertainment’s GamerMetrics and IGN Research Solutions. The “IGN Research: Next-Gen Console Allegiance” survey shows that while 36% of the IGN.com audience claims loyalty to the PlayStation 3, the spread is narrow enough for the undecided 14% to make the critical difference. 28% say they have the strongest allegiance to the Xbox 360, while 22% pledge their faithfulness to the Nintendo Wii. IGN’s survey also profiled and analyzed the undecided gamer
    by lifestyle choices, media consumption habits, favorite brands and game genre preferences to understand what Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony need to consider as they strategize to emerge as the victor.

    One noteworthy quality about the undecided gamers is the fact that they prefer role-playing games (RPGs), while the favorite genre of the entire survey sample is Action. This, coupled with the fact that 79% currently own a PlayStation 2 – traditionally considered the top console for players of RPGs – might give Sony the edge over their competitors.

    Favorite brands of the undecided gamers include Google, Apple, Coke, Taco Bell, Target and Dell. The group’s affinity for youth-focused brands that offer quality products for reasonable prices might favor Nintendo’s next-gen approach.

    Gamers undecided about their next-gen purchases seem to spend more time and money consuming their entertainment at home. More have sizable DVD collections than go out to the movies (67% own at least 20 DVDs, while only 50% went to see a movie within the 30 days before taking the survey), and many (47%) plan to buy an HDTV. They won’t be using it to watch MTV, however. Only 17% watch “Punk’d,” while an even smaller 10% watch “The Real World.” Undecided gamers will instead be watching their choice television drama, “Lost,” as will those allied with the Xbox 360, a positive sign for Microsoft. PlayStation 3 enthusiasts by and large prefer “24,” while Nintendo Wii devotees favor “Smallville.”

    Other findings about the undecided gamer include:
    • 70% own a handheld gaming device (their preferred handheld being the PSP)
    • 90% regularly download music from the internet; 60% own MP3 players
    • Favorite band is Gorillaz (which is true also for those most excited about
    the Nintendo Wii. Xbox 360 fans prefer Nirvana, while those awaiting the
    PlayStation 3 most enjoy Eminem.)

    IGN’s research suggests that Microsoft must lose its reputation as being first and foremost for the First-Person Shooter crowd to appeal to a broader market. Nintendo must appeal to the consumer who can not afford to spend close to $500 on a new console and Sony must reach out to their loyalists by promoting backwards capability with the PlayStation 2 and offering functionality with the PSP.

    IGN Entertainment’s network of videogame-related properties which includes IGN.com, GameSpy, FilePlanet, TeamXbox, Direct2Drive and others is the web’s number one videogame information destination and attracts one of the largest concentrated audiences of young males on the Internet. GamerMetrics data is based on more than 30 million users’ activity on these, and on a pool of more than half a million users volunteering which titles they own, want and are evaluating.

    IGN’s “Next-Gen Console Allegiance” survey is available at no charge to members of the press, industry analysts and clients of IGN.

  • Ryan

    psp the most favorite? wtf?! im pretty sure the DS has out sold the psp on every part of the planet….

  • Andy

    no wrong.. psp is the most popular hand held

  • Avinash_Tyagi

    What are you talking about? DS sales are higher in Japan, NA and Europe

  • Homies, this is IGN we’re talking about, not the entire world. Chill.

    Besides, comparing unreleased consoles to released ones is pretty iffy as well. I’d rather see stats a year afterward (which will probably have Nintendo in third again, unless the controller works out).

  • kount

    Did you just say ‘homies’ *and* ‘chill’? Jeepers by golly!

  • cndnlink

    I think the ndpsp is the best handheld and my next gen console is the PSWii360. I can’t wait for it…. I think I might wii myself.

  • Kaige

    Im not suprised that what makes a system appeal to you runs true for for a hole group. If you want to buy a cheep Wii, Then you might want to get a cheep taco. The connections make sence to me.

  • Stormy Eyes

    These statistics don’t impress my cat, and they don’t impress me. I’m considering both the PS3 and the Wii, but I don’t watch TV, listen primarily to progressive rock and European heavy metal (because American rock musicians wouldn’t know metal if it fell from the sky and crushed them), and I intend to buy MTV so I can shut it down.

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