Beggar Prince the first physical Sega Genesis game in over a decade

By Spencer . May 27, 2006 . 12:12pm

Leave it to the homebrew community to develop a game for the Sega Genesis long after Sega left the whole hardware business. Beggar Prince is the adventure of Prince Steven, a lazy brat who wants nothing more than to get out of his daily tutoring lessons. He slips out of the castle and swaps clothes with a pauper that looks just like him. The plan works and the prince is in the outside world, but now he can’t get back in the castle while the kingdom is being overthrown. Unlike other homebrew games Beggar Prince is sold as a physical Genesis cartridge. For $46 shipped you can be talking to random townsfolk, casting walls of flame and meet the obligatory cute helper monster in Beggar Prince.


See more details about the game here.

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  • tg


    45 bucks eh?

    Hmm think I’ll pass…

    Intresting find tho,Its why I frequent siliconera since i found it.Dont know why this place dosent get more posts except when its swag give away…

  • Wahoo

    Genesis games should still be made, not everything has to be the latest graphics. It’s an untapped market – ppl already have these consoles, and if you make games for them, they’ll probably buy them because people are used to it and they don’t have to upgrade their computer or buy a new console to get it working!!

  • jay

    go oilers go

  • JT

    I’ll just wait for the ROM rip :p

  • The game will be encoded in such a way that it will be impossible to rip and play with all the features.

    Although you can probably go with the original 1996 Taiwanese version if you’d like.

  • i love it

  • I would love to get it but there is no way I am paying $45 as I won’t even pay that for current gen games (I am a cheap ass gamer heh)

  • dybre

    Why not have new super nintendo cartridges?

  • Ben

    ive seen this before…it looks interesting

  • *to dybre. . .

    because if there were plans for new SNES ports. . .Nintendo WILL send a cease&desist notice and threaten a lawsuit. . .just as they did for homebrews of a 2D OoT, and other fan projects.

    Sega has always been indifferent to homebrews made for systems they no longer support.
    Same goes for their stance on emulation, while nintendo has always been vocal against it.

  • crashrx

    dump the game to rom PLEASE!!!

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