Mystery Contest! Can you figure out what we’re doing?

By Spencer . June 11, 2006 . 12:10pm

Hey there Siliconera crew! In less than two weeks we’re going to announce something big, but we aren’t going to tell you guys and gals just yet. We want to see if you guys can figure out what is going on. Everyday until we present the surprise we are going to place a clue on the main page of Siliconera. If you manage to crack the code and guess the surprise you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a copy of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja for the PS2!


Each day you can post one guess in this thread. After you post a guess feel free to discuss, but we have to take your first guess of the day. The next day we will be presenting a new clue and you’ll get another chance to guess. Easy enough right?


Alright nobody completely got it, but FRX was the closest so he’s crowned as the winner! 

Here’s the first clue:



Clue #2:



Clue #3:


Clue #4:


Clue #5:



Clue #6: 


Clue #7:



Clue #8:


Clue #9:


Clue #10:


* We can only ship prizes across the United States. Siliconera reserves the right to make all final decisions about the contest.

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  • Dansk

    That Perfect dark non implemented feature where you had to find hidden cheese!

  • Jedibound

    you got a big piece of cheese :D

  • Siliconera is being colocated in Wisconsin!

  • Everardeux

    Is Siliconera is bringing us that crazy bidding/auction board game entitled “The Big Cheese” which comes packaged inside zip-lock bags?

  • Ryu Kazama

    Your crew has really smelly feet is my first guess. Please no! I don’t want to see this website dedicated to your crew’s (or reader’s) nasty feet! Nasty!

  • They are taking everyone out to Chuck E. Cheese’s for a pizza party! Animatronics, ball pits, and skee-ball for all!

  • Ilpalazzo

    An exclusive interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, “The Big Cheese” of gaming. Now, I’m off to Chuck E. Cheese’s with Symphony.

  • Siliconera is merging with

  • tg

    Uh, interview with Shinji Mikami.

  • Articrono

    Siliconera is going to be on the Apprentice.

  • Siliconera is going to combine with

  • Jedibound

    you are going to lead a new website?

  • FRX

    Siliconera will be branded with a “Real California Cheese” label.

  • FRX

    This one’s for clue #3:

    Be an otaku.

    And combining with clue number one, I’m sure it’s a smelly otaku.

  • Siliconera is going to be covering AnimeExpo… the largest anime convention… where people are more than fans… they dress up as the characters!

  • KageNaruto

    Siliconera will be at anime expo this year! Uh….. cause theres one here IN California July 1-4 and I’m going, lolz

  • Jedibound

    siliconera is owning a new conevention

  • EvilGamerX

    A contest for a chance for someone to create or design their own video game?

  • tg

    an exclusive with bill gates

  • FRX

    For clue #4:

    An interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi?

    lol I suck at these clues, I only guessed that because it allowed me demonstrate the completely useless knowledge I have that the image for clue #4 comes from a T-shirt offered in Japan for N3: Ninety Nine Nights.

  • EvilGamerX

    Have your own character in a game maybe. For a fighter maybe.

  • tg

    uh,wheres clue 3&4 ?

    i only see 1 &2

  • Ben

    the site will be interactive and let the user submit stuff maybe

  • RC

    something bout mgs4….

  • Chris

    You will be holding somekind of video game tournment.

  • Jedibound

    siliconera will be the leader of a tournament for skilled players
    and u have to be more than a fan to win?

  • mankuro

    this is hard.

  • Jedibound

    siliconera leads some kind of convention/tournament and if ur a big fan you might shine through the competetion?

  • TPM

    what does this involve it seems so interesting? does it have to do with the new naruto game or is that just the grand prize?

  • FRX

    Siliconera will become like a community site and people will be able to upload reviews and media.

    That would be awesome if that’s what it is, because sometimes I feel like reviewing all the import games I get.

  • KageNaruto

    in clue 6 is it supposed to be “here” or did you mispell hear?

  • KageNaruto

    oh and my guess…… siliconera will be holding some kind of competition where we will have to advertise this site….. cuase thats the only slightly remote thing i can relate the clues 2

  • Hey everyone, I’m loving all the guesses that you guys are making! I just wanted to quickly chime in and point some things out.

    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja is just the grand prize, it’s got nothing to do with the surprise.

    Props to KageNaruto for picking up ‘here’ actually it is spelled right. The clue is partially a phonetic clue “here”, “hear”… well let’s see if you guys can figure it out…

    Also we are going to be at Anime Expo, but that’s not at all related to this.

  • FRX

    Okay, I’m almost (hopefully) positive it’s some kind of community thing where we can have our own pages and upload reviews and stuff.

    I think that would be a great thing. I’ve always wanted to do the whole “personal page” thing at gamespot or 1up, but I would feel like I’d just be lumped in with a whole bunch of casual gamers with generic blogs.

    I want to see people with the same interest in imports like myself. Weird stuff like Baito Hell 2000 or the Korean CG story game Muta Juice for PSP, Touch de Rakushou for DS, shmups like Mushihimesama and Ibara, etc. Sure, I delve into the casual gamer stuff as well, but how often are you going to see someone say “I can’t wait for Melty Blood: Act Cadenza to come out” or “That new Blood+ game from Grasshopper Manufacture looks sick.” That’s the stuff that interests me.

  • Katie Montminy

    In a store not long ago, I played one of these DBZ Budokai-type Naruto fighting games for Gamecube … surprised me by how fun it was.

    I venture this guess – although it seemed before clue 6 that it could very well be a contest to have your namesake fighter placed in a game, now I think Siliconera is going to host a webcast show where you’ll invite skilled players to demo import games and compete for a prize at the website HQ. This would be leading the pack, since I dont’ think it’s been done too much before, and as for big cheese, maybe the prize will come from the current industry leader – like a Sony PS3.

    How’s THAT for theorizing?

  • Jedibound

    siliconera is being interviewed by someone big?
    sharing a big story to everyone?

  • dabel

    siliconera is expanding its eventory to including cheat codes for the games.

  • FRX

    Well, after looking at all the clues, I’m gonna go with a different angle on my guess.

    I’m guessing Siliconera is hosting a tournament/competition where it’s a combination of both skilled gameplaying and game knowledge, similar to how Penny Arcade has their big competition at PAX.

  • tg

    seriously,how come all the clues never show up for me?


  • Jedibound

    siliconera is stepping up sharing something big

  • KageNaruto

    you guys will be holding a contest/audition to see who is fit to be a new moderator of siliconera. (or similar to a moderator, cant find a better choice of words)

  • Chris

    You are going to hold some kind of American Idol-like contest where the winner will be sponsered by siliconera for video game tournaments.

  • Jedibound

    you are telling the world something
    and you have to be ahead of the crowd to see it?

  • sabo

    you’re going to hold some kind of tournament that has famous people (stars) and skilled gamers?

  • tg

    Guitar hero tourney, eh siliconera?

  • FRX

    9th clue: “You”

    Hmm… I know the answer!

    In order to be the best and let everyone know your story… you must become Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue! And you have to defeat Chai at the YOU Arcade! This will all be re-enacted in an official Siliconera cosplay battle, of course.

    … seems plausible. Now, where can I find some sailors…

  • mankuro

    I think it means that you are the leader.

  • mankuro

    I think it means that you are the leader.

  • mankuro

    oh no correction I have figured it out it means that you are the leader you have to lead the group to be a leader you have to be more than a fan you have to be intelligent and skilled oyu have to shne through others oyu have to let the world hear your story and step it up I think that is waht this mystery contest means.

  • Jedibound

    we have to enter this tournament and gotta be really skilled to shine thru the rest?

  • ))))))))


  • ))))))))

    chuunin exam

  • ))))))))


  • KageNaruto

    everybody stop frickin spamming! and these clues are really hard….. i cant think of anything

  • Ultromitous62

    guys I got it!

    clues#1,2,3,4,5,6,and 7

    feed cheese to the biggest dalmation,then fan him/her because he or she gets hot when it eats cheese,then if you did that right you must be skilled at a game that lets you get a combo of 99999,then if you were able to get a combo of 99999 before anyone else that means you shine better than every one else/are a star than everyone else,then(tell the world/you guys about the clues and putting them together,finally walk on the beach until you feel something hard in the sand.)

    and that my friends is the naruto game (this better work)

  • sabo

    siliconera is turning the site more multimedia based like other sites (,, etc.) and what they’re looking for is a host or some more reviewers/editors for the site

  • Ultromitous62

    i might just go buy the game
    instead of waiting the rest of june trying to figure out
    what siliconera is doing.

  • FRX

    Siliconera will be featured in a Sprite commercial!

    Now I’m just being silly…

  • Jedibound

    siliconera’s mystery is gonna be green o.0?

  • i think they they are trying to make us go to where siliconera is held and get the game

    they are just messing with our heads!?!?!?!?!

  • I think that you guys are going to be holding maybe a big game event in cali or something or your just planning on holding a game contest that not in cali but just a game contest.

  • oh and if I’m wrong can you please just pck me I never win contest and if I won this one it would be the coolest thing in the world and besides I love naruto the anime show I’ve donloaded every episode on my computer as you can see I’m a really big fan and if you gave me the game I would be at a loss of words.

  • ok I think you guys are going to be haveing a job opening on the page are you are going to be haveing another contest were you get to come out and visit the people of siliconera and get lots of stuff to shine a head.


    i want the game because i am a much bigger fan of naruto than robert www
    because ive watched every episode of naruto and i have never been in a contest as big as this and would die if i didnt get the game

  • yay naruto is coming

  • its around about $40.00
    and $35.00.

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