Oracle and Necromancer are new jobs in Final Fantasy V Advance

By Spencer . October 2, 2006 . 6:52am

Two more new classes are going to be in Final Fantasy V Advance. The Oracle has two commands “judgment” and “prediction”. Judgment calls a variety of attacks like death sentence where after a few turns an effect will automatically take place on a judged foe. Prediction is where a massive attack will happen after a number of rounds. The Necromancer is the last new class in Final Fantasy V Advance. Necromancers are also given two spells, one is a new set of dark magic and the other allows the Necromancer to summon undead minions. Along with the new jobs is a new underwater dungeon. See pictures of the Necromancer and the brand new area past the jump.









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  • This new dungeon is awesome! I’m playing the game already. The new jobs are cool, but a little useless.

  • Arctic is right… at least on the oracle… the extra ABP is cool… but frankly I think magic in general sucks in that game.

    When I hear about people using blue mages and stuff it makes me laugh… what’s the most damage a magic user can do in a single hit… like 9999 right…? and only meteor hits more than once… and osmose fucking sucks at the end of the game… should have been called… give magic away to the enemy. Anyhow… it really isn’t hard to get melee characters doing like 12-15k per round… and with a couple critical hits… my chars have done upwards of 30k.

    Bottom line… the job system is mainly to distract you and keep you playing. And if you aren’t mastering jobs… you are missing the whole point of freelancer.

  • Ash

    In my opinion, i gotta say i disagree with the above. In this game, the job class system is so dense that i never get really bored of it. Might be because i have be very fertile imagination, but i find that the various abilities and what not only add to the game. Sure, we know you can fly through the it with basic white\black magi and melee fighters, but why do that when you can plot and plan and scheme out different solutions? i probably Sound evil for saying this but for me its like “mwahaha! Exdeath is gonna love this one!”

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