Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game

By Spencer . October 6, 2006 . 3:47pm

With all of the hype surrounding the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie and a dedicated cult following to the series it’s a surprise that only a single game based on the franchise was ever developed… and it is for the Atari 2600. The game couldn’t be any simpler you’re Leatherface and with your chainsaw you chase down unsuspecting victims that jumped out of a cloning machine. The only thing between Leatherface and his prey are randomly placed obstacles like fences, tumbleweed and wheelchairs. Even though you play as a chainsaw wielding killing machine something as simple as a cow skull trips Leatherface up.




When Leatherface finally catches up to a hapless person they fall to the ground and a tiny puddle of what looks like blood appears. It could be blood or it could just be hair, who knows. This one little scene is what kept the Texas Chainsaw Massacre from many store shelves. Wizard Games was forced to sell the game to only a few places instead of giving it mass distribution, which makes the cartridges a rarity.




The funniest thing about the game doesn’t happen until it’s “over”. What stops Leatherface from going on a pixilated killing spree is the fuel meter in the center of the screen. Each step drains a little fuel and revving up the chainsaw drains a lot of it. When the fuel runs out its game over. To add insult to injury one of the cloned teenagers kicks Leatherface in the ass and all you can do is helplessly watch. It’s so pathetic that you almost feel bad for Leatherface.

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  • the_importer

    Call Jack Thompson, we got more video game violence here :P

  • Jedibound

    so his hand is his chainsaw?

  • lola

    hey yaoll this lola and i remember playing this absolute absolute……………gay game lol well i have always been a fan of leather face myself and of course when i saw a game was publised of course i had to buy it being 1983 the graphics were a dred but otherwise it kept me busy and actually inforced me to get the job that i have today.. u see i am a prof history of crime i work in a museum that does so and i give tours and teaxes chainsaw is the most toured and i love it though it wasent just the boring game it was the movie and its grand history that no one really knows the truth of. I guess we can call it one of the world graetest unsolved mysteries!!!

  • wow ur fuvking b=gayy

  • xXb-rayXx

    they need to come out with a new one for llike ps2 or 360 or something
    that would be awesome with the graphics nowadays

  • Cecilia

    This game is a ripe off!! the graphics suck and the characters are poorly done. i think that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie was a whole lot better than this “hunk of junk” game. If this game is on selves than it NEEDS to be taken OFF! I maybe specking out of term, but it is my mind and i say it proud. If you want me to purchase this game UPGRADE!

  • ie foarte prost jocu :)) =)) nui asa cai ne inspirat jocu asta faceti si voi unu mai cu singe nui asa :-> :)) ca daca nu faceti altul ma supar:(*-*).
    asai nu :):D

  • i am Leatherface from texas and the game sucks, about me if the game sucks i suck then i kill you!

    • Steve

      Chill buddy

  • man this gsme sucks no offence leatherfce you where better in movie.

  • u suck

  • im gay

  • Wow get killing

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